New CAD of our claw arm configuration

Here it is. And this only throws the ball. We have a way of putting it in the claw that we won’t disclose just yet :wink:

Here’s the rest

I fear that this design won’t enable your team to shoot. Remember, there will be no dunking in Rebound Rumble. This is as a result of the Fender and the 14" maximum appendage. Keep that in careful consideration when proceeding further.
Good luck, though, and the CAD looks great!

We have a special thing that puts the ball in the claw and its a centripetal shooter. ran by a 4:1 CIM motor gear down from a direct sprocket 15 tooth the that huge sprocket on there that’s 60 tooth that way we save as must energy by decreasing the amount of mechanical efficiency lose.


Thanks people! :slight_smile: and also to spill another part of the design, we have algorithms set for the exact shots we want that makes the robot 99% computer and the claw doesn’t actually rely on the servo power as a force to hold it in. It’s held in by our calculations of the mu of friction of urethane to urethane between a urethane mold over the claw fingertip and the ball. So the servo gets a 1.1x boost and doesn’t have to hold the ball, just apply perpendicular force.

Don’t know if I understand…

Is the whole arm spinning rapidly releasing the ball?
Safety violations?::safety::

This is really interesting. My team posted a catapult concept many days ago. Do you happen to have seen it?

I think specialized robots like ours will be very critical in the eliminations rounds when teams want balls thrown full field. Maybe make it a three-roller-claw instead of the three prongs?

Could you elaborate on the rollers? Right now, we need as little weight on the arm as possible and based on estimates, our max is 10-12 pounds for both the ball side (with ball) and counterweight. And I believe we’re hovering just around 5.5 pounds.

If you want, you can PM me and I can give you the low down on why and how we chose this design. It’s awfully late for Texas but I’ll look for the thread.

It doesnt violate safety rules :slight_smile: it’s fully enclosed except for the two side releasing and the arm is only 2 feet long. While it does spin rapidly, it’s very safe unless for some reason you want to stick 1 foot of your arm into our robot. The electronics are mount around the cage shelf like and there’s going to be 3 E-stop switches. Lol

Edit: arm is 2 feet from center of ball to center of counterweight
It also does continuously spin but for only 1.57 secs before optimum velocity then 1 sec of relate time speed analysis then release after <.05 sec