New CAM plugins from Autodesk

Autodesk bought HSMworks (a CAM plugin for solidworks) in 2012, and now the CAM team at Autodesk have devolved a CAM plugin for Inventor that is just now opening for beta testing.

It’s important to note that access to the beta test must be applied for, and many of you who apply may not be able to get in. I’ve just now applied and am awaiting a response, so unfortunately I can’t inform any of you as to how hard it is to get in.

The following link provides access to the inventor beta test sign up as well as access to the existing solidworks plugin, which is a pre-existing product that doesn’t require applying.

Good luck to anyone who tries to get in.


Edit: I just got accepted into the beta test, about 2 hours after applying.

Great news! It’s about time Autodesk!

Got my invite a couple hours after applying. Looking forwards to playing with it - we’re currently using EdgeCAM, but I’ve heard good things about HSMexpress.

Thanks for the heads-up.