New Canadian Regional

For those of you who havent heard this yet, there will soon be a new regional opening up in Waterloo, Canada.

When I heard the news, I was actually not surprised at all. I knew this was coming, either this year or the year after. The Canadian Regional has definitely grown too large (the two fields prove it) and it may be the right time to set up another regional in Canada.

What I wanted to talk about was the benefits and disadvantages of the second regional. The way I see it, the two new events will probably not be as exciting as the Canadian Regional in its current form. On the other hand, two regionals make it easier for a team like mine to advance to the championship. We do not have funds to travel outside of Canada, but could probably attend the new regional in Waterloo. What do you think?

I just got home from the canadien regional last night and i had an amazing time there. Opening another Canadien regional would probly be wise to avoide over crowding problems, but it might also have a few down sides. Like mentioned above, the over-all excitment of the event may decrease, but any advantage in being able to move on the the finals would be great to.

:stuck_out_tongue: I knew of this happening months ago… I got friends in high places… i.e. Waterloo BHWHWAHRAHRHAHRH!HRH@Elfadsf

It had to happen though. If you look at it this way, considering how the Canadian regional in Mississauga has been expanding so fast each year (what was it? 20 rookie teams in 2002, 20 in 2003, and 30 this year?) the 2005 season there’d probably be something like… a total overflow of teams wanting to participate there… and certainly a lot of Canadian rookie teams wanting to compete. And if there’s no room for them, they will have a tough time having to travel to the states to compete.

And I have little doubt that even though the Waterloo regional is opening up, that the Mississauga will remain a Super Regional. I have a feeling it’s going to be registered to capacity for the remainder of its years.

And having another regional close to home is good for us too; now we don’t have to take that road trip into the states to get our second regional in :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, Waterloo-Kitchener is a beautiful city… I’m sure any American/Canadian visitors will agree.

And it’s probably a good thing it’s somewhat close to the Greater Toronto Area seeing as that’s where the majority of rookie teams attend from.

Will the missaugua regional turn back into a small, one field, regional again? If so, then we scouts would have a heck of an easier job to do.

Scouting through 75 amazing teams was a huge pain. We never got to do anything recreational, while we had times off. We worked and worked and worked to get a sense to who to pick.

Wohoo, when i heard about the waterloo regional i was very happy, now our team can goto 2 regionals while not spending a hell lot of a money. :yikes:

Remember, there will also be the Finger Lakes regional in Rochester next year, which means 3 regionals within 3 hours drive of each other (or the fast ferry from Toronto).

Hopefully the regionals won’t be competing with each other for teams on the same weekend.

ditto to that.

i hope first reckons that and they are on different dates so that we can get a lot of practice and more chances to win awards

I might have missed something but is there that much demand for 3 regionals within 3 hours of each other? I was thinking that if they added another Canadian regional it would be more to the west, possibly closer to the British Columbia area, unless there’s just not enough teams in that area to justify it.

when you create a regional in a new city, then a whole slew of new teams can be formed

because it cost MORE to send a team to another city for 3 days than it does to register for the regional itself.

with a regional in your own city new teams can be formed with as little as 8 to $10k of funding

i personally think its a great idea and something great to try out… i might be attending waterloo next year so it’ll be great that i can watch the event close by…

i love the idea . though the super regional was absolutely awesome … it must have been really stressful for FIRST, Mr. Breadner, the 110 volunteers who were there, and everyone else who was responsible for making it THE best regional ever !! (ok so im biased …) … but I am pretty sure that the Waterloo Regional and the Mississauga Regional will be on different weekends so Mr. Breadner can be at both and to give the teams a chance to go to more than one regional without too much travelling.

Will the names be changed?? because Canadian Regional has a nicer ring to it than Mississauga Regional … but then that can get confusing … and not many people can say Mississauga - it is pronounced Mrs. Auga

but overall … its a great move on FIRST’s part !!

What program are you going into? If you’re going into a stream-4 program, then you’ll be on Co-op during regional season (but at school during team-founding season). If you’re going into CS, I have some advice for you re: class selection.

I think it’ll be great to have 2 regional so relatively close. My team can’t afford to go to any of the american ones (and there is probably a whole lot more paperwork to sign. It’s a lot of work for 3 teachers), so having another one in Canada is awesome. Hopefully we’ll raise enough money next year to go to both, so I can see them compete when I’m at school in the spring next fall.

What about software engineering? What stream is that? I’m probably going to software engineering at Waterloo.

i’m going for architecture… i actually got back from the Canadian Regionals to find a letter from them for an interview… kinda happy… they have co-op for architecture but i think it’s not till second year…

yea we originally didn’t have enough money for Atlanta… we’re trying hard to get sponsors now and we’re getting closer and closer to our goals…

Oh man, I can’t believe I actually forgot to answer your direct question. My friend in SE is 8-stream, which means you’ll have school during build and regional season, and work in the summer. I just asked another one of my friends, and he says that SE is not a stream-4 program. If you actually get a choice, you definetely want 8-stream. With stream 4 (what I’m in) it is very difficult to get a job, since you have no university-level marks to hand in with your resume, so no-one wants to look at your resume. I was lucky enough that my dad managed to find a spot where he works.