New CANCoders blinking Red/Green

Hello! We’re having an issue with our CANCoders, they’re blinking red/green slowly, this doesn’t seem to be a blink code in the documentation, and we can’t seem to get any data from them. We can see them in Phoenix framework, and we can update them, the CAN IDs are set correctly (Although right now we only have one plugged in for troubleshooting.) The weird thing is, this is only happening for the newest ones we bought, all marked Hardware revision H. The previous ones we bought (we only have one of) does work fine. Any tips?

Do the Revision H’s require phoenix pro?

Have you tried running the Cancoder through a self-test snapshot in Phoenix tuner? This should at least tell you what error it’s seeing. The CANCoder Rev H shouldn’t require Phoenix Pro, and is simply the newer version of the Cancoder. Note that it does require different firmware than the regular Cancoder. The Self-Test Snapshot should help provide more debugging information, so feel free to post an image of what it is showing on here for further help.

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We did try the self test snapshot in Phoenix, which pointed us to use Phoenix Tuner X instead, and then when we updated the firmware (using the same firmware file) using Phoenix X instead of Phoenix framework, all of them started working again, looks like User error on our part, thanks!

Sounds good! Glad you were able to get them working! :smiley:

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