New Career Opportunities at REV Robotics

REV robotics is rapidly expanding our operations in order to better serve our customers and growing demand for our products. We have quite a few key roles on our team and we always give preference to people already in the FIRST Community (Alumni, Mentors, and Volunteers)

All full time roles feature full benefits including PTO, 401k Matching, Health Insurance, Yearly Bonuses/increases and more. Relocation assistance available and full remote possible for some positions.

We have all the jobs posted to or you can directly click the jobs below.


I’ve never had Greg as a boss before, but having talked to him many times, I really can’t recommend REV Robotics strongly enough. Greg would be an amazing boss and the people that I know who work at REV absolutely love it. Turning your passion for FIRST into a career is the dream for many alumni, and I think this is a great opportunity!


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