New Chairmans Award Entrants

Hey people. I’m from team 1241 and this is the first time our team is trying for the Chairman’s Award. For this we need as much help as we can get. We would be very grateful if some of the regional Chairman’s Award winners could provide us with a copy of their 2004 Chairman’s Award documentation. Also we need assistance as to what types of questions the interviewers ask. If you need to contact me my email is [email protected]. Thank you very much.

-Raja R.

There are some chairmans awards in the whitepapers section.

Congrats on deciding to do a Chairman’s entry. The information you gather for this entry can be used over and over, for many things including future grant proposals for funding for your team.

  1. get started now. Besides the entry, you will have the executive summary and the yearbook page. Do not wait until the last minute to do these. Judges use this information. There is a helpful template for the yearbook page in another recent thread to get started on. You will enter this info into the TIMS under “judges information”. This is the true snapshot of your team.
  2. There is no certain way to do an entry, beyond the parameters of word and pictures. Read very carefully what the award is and help the judges by answering how your team has addressed this.
  3. I will post in another thread (I don’t have the info here right now) what is on the feedback form from the judges. Maybe someone else can post.

From another thread:
As it has been said, there are as many ways to approach the Chairman’s award process as there are to build a robot.
Two (or more) pieces of “mom” advice:
1)no matter who writes it, always get a proofreader or two. Better yet, have one proofread who is not at all familiar with FIRST and take their questions to heart. Don’t let the look confuse what you are really trying to say.
2)Help the judges and ALWAYS practice for the Chairman’s award interview. This process is such good practice for all those real life challenges, such as college, scholarship, internship and job interviews. Do an outline. Have each student practice their “elevator” speech and realize first hand how difficult it is to get their part of what they want to emphasize across in a minute or two. This will come in handy for any talks with any judges, in the pits or in the interview room, or for that matter, anywhere, anytime at a competition. You are always representing your team, and remarks made in the bathrooms, in the halls, etc are heard and are reported. Prioritize. Bring examples to illustrate your talk but don’t depend on them.They are background and the students are the real deal. It’s ok to be nervous. Bring index cards if they need it. But it’s not ok to just go in and “wing it.” Don’t chew gum. Have a backup plan in case one of your team is sick or your interview is scheduled at the same time your team is on the field and your driver is the same person as your lead talker. (B…-I’m talking to you here. You know what I’m talking about )
3) There is all sorts of debate on the process. Sometimes it seems like the entry drives it more than it should. The judging seems to vary. There have been mistakes made. That said, like all of FIRST, we, you, me, everyone, are all trying to make this better. It is truly about why your team should serve as a role model. Keep doing all the good stuff you are doing and you will make a difference.
4)yes, I realize I didn’t really answer your question.
Good luck to all of you.

Awesome! So glad to hear that your team will be creating a Chairman’s Award Entry. As richardp said, the white papers are a great place to look at some examples of Chairman’s Award Entries. I’ll see if I can add our team’s to it as well, but they can also be found at our website: Our 2004 Hall of Fame Chairman’s Entry and our 2003 Championship Winning Chairman’s Entry.
One thing to note, though, is that this year they have put further limitations on the submission, including a 10,000 character/1500 word and 4 picture limit. This means that many of the previous entries may not fit the criteria, though the information they contain is certainly within the desired Chairman’s Award Entry criteria.
If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance, please feel free to PM me. Massive luck in your endeavors!

As a reminder to everybody that you may begin to fill out Chairmans entrys Saturday morning Jan 15 at 12:01 am eastern by visiting FIRSTawards.ORG :] This is also where teams will submit their information for the website design award and the Woodie Flowers Award.

I hope that all teams will take the opportunity to submit an entry this year!

It’s open today at noon, David. (50 min from now)

You’re confusing the open date with the deadline Feb 19th 2005, 12:01am.

Thanks a lot for your assistance everyone, it really helped. I just have one more request :D. I was just wondering what types of questions they ask in the interviews, and who they’re directed towards. Thanks again for all of your help. ( You guys are quick!)

my team too, has decided to attempt a tmaking a chairmans, and possibly a website submission.

You can expect questions about the information in your submittal - be sure you know it and the details. They want to be sure you are really doing everything that is reported, and that students are actively involved. They might ask about specific details.

Questions will be directed to the group of 3, I suggest trying to share the time and each of the presenters offer some answers. One of the keys is to make your answers short but complete. IF you use your entire time talking about 1 particular topic, you might not have a chance to talk about other areas.

Winning the Chairman’s award, at the Regional or Championship level, is an incredible honor. The judging team wants to be sure they have made the right choice of teams. Know your stuff, be confident, and good luck!

It’s very cool seeing teams embark on the Chairman’s Entry for the first time. You all will find the process easier than ever. Remember, as you view submissions from the past the length criteria was a bit different, so pay close attention to the 2005 Rules. One thing that has remained constant over the years is the key criteria for entries, which I discussed a while back here:

As for trying to win Chairman’s, do you best - there is a lot of good advice here and a TON more in the archives of this forum, but remember the process is the important part as it leads to growth and incredible experience for your team members in the interview.

Here are the core focal points that have remained constant for CA submissions over the years…
From the manual,
"The primary factors the judges will evaluate are:

  1. How strongly does the submission document the impact FIRST has on the learning experience of the students, school curriculum, engineers, and/or community?
  2. Has the team explained/demonstrated why/how it should be a role model for other FIRST teams to emulate?
  3. How well has the team communicated its excitement and impact within the entire school, community, and beyond (state/nation) through participation in FIRST?
  4. Has the team documented an innovative way to spread the FIRST message?
  5. How strong of a year-round team partnership effort is reflected? (You can define partnership in many ways, including: the partnership among the team’s students/corporate sponsor/engineers; school/university sponsor/engineers; students/adults; community/team)
  6. As a whole, does the content of the documentation exemplify the true meaning of FIRST?
    Your Chairman’s Award submission should include documentation for all the above factors."

After your Chairman’s interview, you will receive back, before the closing ceremonies on Saturday, a feedback form filled out with comments under the following questions. Last year, the form looked like this.

Chairman’s Award Feedback Form

  1. Impact of FIRST on team members
  2. Role model characteristics other teams should emulate
  3. Impact of FIRST on team and community.
  4. Innovative methods to spread the FIRST message.
  5. Strength of partnership
  6. Team communication methods and results.
    Comments on
  7. Current Strengths
  8. Areas to concentrate on for improvement.
  9. Summary statement.

Compare these comments to the questions posted above by Rich, as they are really the same.
Hope this helps.

All Right! Thanks a lot. With all this information I can do a lot. Thanks again to everyone who helped and I hope to see you all at the Nationals!

Raja Ravi