"New CIMcoder"

I was scrolling through the andymark website tonight for fun (like any sane person would) and noticed that the CIMcoderwas listed as the most recent new product. My question is does anyone know what makes it “new?” We used these last year so I know that this is a product from prior years. Perhaps just a mistake on Andymark’s site?

Looks like it is a V2 of the original CIMCoder.

New one here, old one here

“This version of the CIMCoder features two major changes to the sensor. The most noticeable is the connector is brought to the edge making it easier to plug in cables. The second change is that there are internal pull-up resistors to work with controllers that require them.”

-AndyMark website

The built-in pull-ups look like a huge help. We are in the processing of switching to TalonSRXs this year and our main inconvenience has been the necessity to wire pull-ups. Our soldered connections kept coming out so we ended up using the Wago connectors which took up a lot of space and were difficult to manage.

Thanks for the heads up on the new product. :slight_smile: We’ve already installed the ‘old’ CIMCoders but I will see if we can switch over the ‘new’ ones.

Well that would be my mistake for not properly reading the description. Looks like some good overall changes to the encoder.