New CIMs in kit transmission

Can we use the new (bigger) CIM motors in the kit-supplied transmission in place of the old (small) ones?

Please search before you post. The answer is “NO” sells conversion kits for the transmissions to work with the bigger motors (as seen here](
The transmission designer Paul Copioli suggests, however, that you buy two more CIM motors and use 4 small ones. (As he says here)

Sorry (I’m kind of new here), and thanks for the info. For future reference, what would I search for to find that?

Searching for “large CIMs” would probably do it, or maybe “kit transmission”. There is a searching tutorial (referenced in the welcome announcement earlier in the month) with good ideas as to how specific you could get and your options.

they say don’t use the new big mini-bike large CIMs for the provided kit transmission for a number of reasons. The RPM and torque are different, they draw different amounts of current, the size of the output shaft is different…
Yes, you can compensate for all of these things, but why would you? There’s a conversion kit made my AndyMark. Trying to use the mini-bike CIMs with the kit transmission is a bad idea; it’s not designed to work that way. If you want to use the mini-bike CIMs, it’s better to use their conversion kit because a professional has already done the work for you.

OK, but the best thing I could come up with was this, which doesn’t really answer my question.

I’m not sure if this will answer your question, but here is a link to the discussion about the picture of the Transmission Conversion.

Hope this was of some help to you.