New Cingular Ad

Anyone seen one of the new Cingular ads? I just saw a thanksgiving one that had a lot of people sitting at a table, with a kid at one end calling someone to ask to pass the gravy, with the voice over talking about how big and good it is with all 43 million customers.

It ends with ‘Cingular - Raising the Bar.’ :ahh:

Cingular yoikned the game name.


I have seen a few of these cingular commercials and every time it reminds me of FIRST. It sounds like cingular is using as their new catchphrase.

Though I laugh every time I hear that catchphrase too - I think it’s a really good move on Cingular’s part to integrate AT&T’s “bars” theme into its own, signaling their merger in the minds of the consumers.

What’s even funnier is that Cingular is based in Atlanta…hmm, I wonder where they got that idea from :wink:

Here’s an article on it.

So… Anyone foresee cingular becoming a new sponsor of FIRST?