New Classmate fix?

Veteran team purchased a new 2011 classmate (No OS).

If we image new classmate off of a rookie flash drive are we good to go besides updates?

There is a rookie team nearby, we could borrow theirs.

:confused: JAZ

Yes, you need the rookie flash image for the 2011 Classmate, so if you can borrow that you should be fine.

That is a huge help, and I hope a big time saver.

We bought a new E11 Classmate โ€œFirst Authorized PCโ€ from CTL. There are no rookie teams nearby. Email to [email protected] Sunday night and [email protected] Tuesday morning has gone unanswered. The telephone call I made this morning gave me 30 seconds of ringing and then disconnected. Twice.

At least two posts in the FRC forums by other teams with similar issues have gone unanswered. Is anyone from FIRST HQ listening?