New Community Outreach Opportunity

Greetings Teams!

This is an invitation for you to come to our Dream FIRST conference.
Dream FIRST is a non-profit organization founded by Farmington High School Team 178, in 2004. Its main goal is to inspire young children to become interested in science and technology. Members participate in community outreach events at elementary schools, Boy Scout, Girl Scout camps, and local libraries to demonstrate the importance of science and technology. Hundreds of children have shown interest in engineering-related pursuits. As Dr. Woodie Flowers quotes, “I was blown away by the Dream FIRST book and the whole business plan based upon it.”

The most important achievement in this program is the publication of the book Meet Gizmo: The Start of a Journey. The story is about the adventures of a lovable robot named Gizmo and his two companions, Euki and Oliver. Meet Gizmo presents the message of FIRST in the form of a children’s story so that the ideas embodied in FIRST are both fun and accessible. We have translated the book into Spanish, French, and Arabic so that our dream may spread to other cultures and beyond our borders. Our team is working on making this book part of the Iraqi school curriculum which may result in millions of students influenced by FIRST.
Our dream has already reached so far and with your help, it can truly become an entire FIRST endeavor and an integral method for FIRST’s expansion by creating awareness and excitement at an early age.
If you and your team are interested, we invite you to join us in an online seminar that will discuss how you can become a part of the dream. Date to be determined. Please RSVP at

This conference will include
• More information about Dream FIRST.
• How your team can get involved
• History of our events
• Brainstorming new ideas
• Establish communication with other teams to be up to date on Dream FIRST events

I was really impressed by this book - and I’d like to know more about your conference. What are the potential dates/times? Where will it be held? I checked out the website, and I couldn’t find any more information on there either.

Hi, Great website! We all remembered your book from the Championship and want to sign up for your online conference, too. Little kids really aren’t afraid of innovation and invention, are they? One idea that we can offer- We had good response to our Real Cool Robots folded book and Design Contest last year. www.moe365/more. Students and some JFLL teachers passed out applications at public events. Kids mailed in their robot designs and MOE students selected the finalists and made a coloring book “Kids Love Robots.” An unintended surprise- Some of the MOE students who don’t often go to the school/library events got to see how amazing little kids can be… We’re going to try it again this year- Second Annual Robot Design Contest… Keep in touch about the conference and good luck!

Our date is yet to be determined, and our website is in a state of being updated. Feel free to check out the book at

This is a great way to get little kids in your community involved with science in technology!!
See you at the conference

Sorry everyone, but unfortunately the conference has to be postponed due to Enforcers’ scheduling conflicts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and as soon as another date is confirmed it will be posted. We still hope to see you all there, and you can still register at our site
Thanks for your cooperation, fellow teams
Team 178 the Enforcers

The conference is 1/30 from 7 - 8 pm EST see post in user Announcements


Conferences like these are the perfect platform to get children in Science and Technology and participating in such events help them to get interested in the subject as they get a “hands-on” experience and exposure with the help of real competent people helping them to understand and get them interested to read books on the subject!!