New Competition in MI, Mailing List

I would like to announce a new offseason competition in Albion, MI. I am compiling an e-mail list of those that might possibly be interested in competing. If you would like to be on the list please e-mail me ([email protected]) or IM me (zoekan1). Here are some of the details.

WHO: Any current FIRST veteran or rookie team, any future FIRST rookie team, and undergraduate college students (yes college students can build a robot and compete). Current FIRST veteran teams can volunteer to mentor current and Future rookie teams for the duration of the competition (and maybe more). Rookie teams can come with or without a robot.
WHAT: A new offseason competition that braodens the FIRST horizons, allowing both current and future FIRST teams as well as college students. It would be a bit like an OCCRA competition, with a much longer build season, and during the summer. We would also like to ask teams to hold workshops (They don’t necessarily have to be competing), as another way to help out those rookie teams.
WHEN: Most likely the first (It’s really wierd to type that word not in caps) weekend in August 2004.
WHERE: Albion MI, and most likely at Albion College.
COST: We want this to be a very low cost event. Any team that brings a robot will be required to donate a minimum of $40 to help cover costs. Also, for teams that don’t have as many resources, there will be an opptional kit that costs (hopefully) around $200 (We will not amke money on kits, you pay what we do). Teams that opt not to buy the kit will be given a list of legal places to purchase motors and whatnot.

If you have any questions feel free to post them and I will answer to the best of my ability. In order for this competition to take place we need at least 18 teams to compete, we are aiming for between 24 and 32, and about 44 maximum. Again, Contact me if you want to be on the mailing list. I’ll send out updates as we find out more details. Thanks.


EDIT Private Messaging is good to, if you want to be on the contact list (I knew I forgot some vital form of communication) /EDIT