New Compressor Source

I was wondering if anyone has found a good source for the new compressor:

We have been looking around for it and it seems to be sold out at most places. Any Canadian teams know of a source for it in Canada??

The 090C, 092C, and 095C are all interchangeable as they have the same funtioncal specifications:

092C -

095C -

The 092 is what we ordered.

Does anyone know how much those models weigh compared to the kit compressor? Can they handle as much load as the standard compressor?

Those compressors may be interchangeable, but are we allowed to use them for FRC? I thought we were only allowed to use the kit model.

  • Kevin

See <R69>

The 092c is within an ounce or so of the weight of the 090c they are the identical compressor other than the intake plate which on the 092c has a threaded bung to take it’s external air filter rather than it being under the intake plate. That is what our team is using per the GDC saying they will accept a compressor of the same specs. We plan on printing out the data sheet for both just in case the inspector questions it.

The weight of the new compressors is about half of the old ones, about 2.5 pounds vs. about 5 for the old one.