New Control Method

Image walking up to the player stattion pluging in a small box and putting on a hat. 3…2…1…go. While other teams are frantically moving joysticks, dancing on DDR pads, moving wii remotes, your standing perfectly still, but your robot is doing everything you want it to, when you want it too. All you do is think about it.
Science fiction you may say, well a few years ago you would be right, but not for much longer.

cool article. Not suprised as much as I would think others. There have been a lot of research in Alpha and Beta waves in the brain. I remember seeing this sort of thing in action with the game Brain Ball at Wired Magazine’s Nextfest. All it requires is basically a big amplifier and electrodes touching certain parts of the brain. Then you see what the output is of certain commands from thought of both Alpha and Beta waves. And there you go. Obviously easier said than done. Great article find.

I think it would be alot easier controlling the bots and easy to move around obsticles.

The technology will soon be available to own. Reservations are now being taken for the control system at:

I so want one of these. :smiley: