New Control System Subnet Question

We are having trouble with the directions for configuring the wireless communication for the new control system. The direction states that all the subnets should be The wireless router can not be set to it can only be set to After I set subnet mask to for the laptop and bridge, the control system worked fine over the wirless. Anybody else have this problem?

The subnet mask is in reference to whatever device you are using to program the cRIO (laptop/computer). I’m pretty sure that the default subnet for both the wireless router and the wireless gaming adapter are fine.

For all of those who are reading this post, I would like to remind all to try and limit the technical control system discussions on chiefdelphi and perhaps consider using the public control system forum that FIRST has put out on their website.

I had to use for the router and an using for everything else per the directions and everything is working fine.

Mattehew Forman
MorTorq 1515

We also used for the router and on everything else with success. I think the documentation needs to say something about on the router, because the router will not let you change the subnet mask to

The latest version of the documentation says to use See section 5.6.2 item 8b.