New Control System?

Here’s a thought.
The current control system has a three digit display. If the team numbers go four digits, Innovation First may have to come up with a new control system. Maybe? Please?
If they do come out with something new to accomodate 4 digit team numbers, maybe we can get them do do some more improvements?

They’ve done great job. But as someone once said, “I know engineers. They love to change things.”

they will not change the system, as of right now it supports 4 digit team numbers it just dosent put them on the display if they are over 3 instead it puts - - - on it
all team numbers up to 12 binary digits (up to a team #4095 :slight_smile: ) are already supported, check the manual (page 20, 5.1).

oh, sure. kill all my hopes and dreams.

Hey now! :slight_smile:
It would have been nice though (C++ *cough) excuse me
who knows??
they just might

Parrallax Inc, the company that produces the IISXs that the current control system is based on, has released new J-Stamps, as in J for JAVA. This may mean a change within the next couple decades to a real language! Here is to hope.