New Controller up

Innovation first has the new controller up… it has a back up battery… automode indicators… many cool other things


Worst nightmare come true. More .1 headers!!! :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

But seriously, look w00tlicious!

Looks like bot of my predictions about the shape and the pinheaders were correct.

Hmm… If i’m reading this right, there is no more silly rotating light. They appear to plan on using bi-color LED panels (4 to be exact).

Check out the RC manual under the Team Color connector section

Yay!! 5 more pounds we get to play with!

Who said the LED panels will be lighter?

where did you find the light info?

RC reference page 11

you have a link?

So, if the team color that is displayed is on an LED panel that’s connected directly to the Robot Controller, there’s nothing to stop FIRST from, say, changing which alliance you’re on in middle of the match?


And if you have to have an LED light bar on all 4 sides of your robot like thesewe could be in for a weird game.


Or this for the rest of the docs:

It’s… beautiful! ::tear::

Or maybe I’m just already in love with the idea of programming in C. whichever.

Well, unless they are pulling a fast one on us… there are only going to be a max of two teams, one red and one blue. Those two colors are the only ones specifically mentioned in the manual :rolleyes:

you know im gonna miss changing the light covers. FIRST must have asked for a change b/c teams where losing battles between keeping there light covers in one piece or their robots for that matter. Why else would Innov. install an internal team color setup. This years game will be 100% different b/c teams will have a new controller to use. Personally I like change but I think its two much change and seeing how spectators cannot determine red from blue robots with out our infamous lights this will make the game confusing unless FIRST has come up with a way to label the red and blue teams??? any thoughts.

Something like the SuperSphere pictured below would be quite visible. I don’t think we will need to worry.

Why does that imply 2 teams? 2 Alliances maybe… (Or possibly 3… (R+B=Y))

For those of us you who didn’t look at the manual:

There are four team color connectors which all output identical signals. Each connector is meant to
drive one team color LED unit for identifying which team your robot is on. Team color LED units are
included in your kit or are available from Innovation First.
By default, these LED units will display red if you are using the default practice channel of 40. If you
use a channel adapter to change to another radio channel, the team color will differ. Channels 4, 22, and
40 will cause a red team color to flash, while channels 13 and 31 cause blue. In general, the user cannot
control the team color, because it is set by the Arena Controller during competition.

Is anyone else thinking manditory underglow on robots?
By lighting up all of the carpet around it, robot alliance color might be even more visible…

Edit: Also notice that those LED light bars are avaiable water proof. Most LEDs would be much easier to waterproof than the lights from previous years; water game?

ok, im not an electrical person, infact, i avoid it, how many moters and solenoids can i hook up to this new comtroller, again, my team is not a rookie team, but i am to electronics.