New Controllers

I hope this is simple but, my team did the FTC competition earlier this year and got 2 logitech controllers and i wanted to use those for the programming (using labview) to program the FRC robot. The control setup is for the joysticks though.:confused:

Can someone help me to export the control set from the labview 2009 to the version of labview we are using for FRC!


The joystick class works just fine with the logitech controllers. You’ll have to figure out which axis is which (the logitech gamepads have 6), but other than that it will work great. This is what we used all last year.

sadly i dont think so :frowning: my team also wanted to use the FTC controllers but if im reading the bold right i dont think we can but ask on Q&A just to make sure

<R42> Items specifically PROHIBITED from use on the ROBOT include:
A. Any battery other than, or in addition to, the one primary battery permitted by Rule <R40>.
B. Circuit breakers used on the Power Distribution Board that are different from the Snap
Action breakers provided in the KOP,
C. Power distribution panels and/or fuse panels different other than the single Power
Distribution Board provided in the 2010 KOP,
**D. Motor speed controllers other than Innovation First, Inc. “Victor 884” speed controllers or
Luminary Micro/Texas Instruments “Jaguar” (MDL-BDC or MDL-BDC24) speed controllers,**E. Relay modules other than Innovation First, Inc. Spike relays,
F. Aluminum or other non-copper wiring.

Those are speed controllers. If they’re talking about controlling the robot (and I don’t think Logitech makes speed controllers in the first place), then I don’t see anything in 8.3.10 that would prohibit them from using FTC controllers.

The difference between speed controllers and controllers? Speed controllers are an electrical component that controls the speed of an electric motor. Controllers tell the computer what to tell the speed controller to do.

and this would be why im not in charge of the wiring and stuff like that :smiley:
i think the FTC controllers were logitech but i would have to look at them again

We used LogiTech PS2 style controllers (from FTC) for 2009’s FRC driver station, to reasonable success.