New cool image generator

I found a cool image generator here.

What you do is type in a phrase or words and the generator takes random inages from google image search, and makes a real cool artsy collage of some sorts.

Warning: It is a random (as far as I can tell) image generator, so you may get some weird pictures.

I got a real cool image show up when I typed in
I also found out that you can get multiple images from one entry to the generator, so you probably won’t end up with the same image I saw when I put in there.

Be careful though as the diclaimer states:

May i use genererated images on my website?

you may use images generated by typoGenerator on private websites, but NOT for any commercial applications.
the images used for generating may be subject to copyright.

I don’t know if that means you can use it on your team’s website (if you wanted to) so I would throw them an e-mail if you find an image that you really like.

How come mine almost never have images? And it must be using a different google; The images it uses I can’t find when I do it manually.

Sometimes you have to do it a couple times before you get a good image.

I put my name in 3 times before I got a image that wasn’t pure black… lol

And, if you notice, the girl who made this application is from Austria I believe, so maybe that’s why you can’t find the regular images from USA Google.

By the way. The database that makes this is php based and for some reason the image dissapears off the server when you click away from that page…

So, that’s why your image is broken there Greg.

You can save the picture though, and upload it here…

Just like this real cool one I “made”.

I typed in “F.I.R.S.T.” and got the following.



Hmm, thats kinda… odd?

Searching with robotics gets me pictures with legos in them.

I thought Google was global…


hmm…that’s actually quite interesting…i’ll remember that website when i’m in need of inspiration…


well kinda,,, so it might just be using austrias image search. Or it might add its own criteria so it pulls up better pictures. (probably the later ) i like that program though, i want to know how it works! :smiley:

This is pretty nifty! :slight_smile:

I’d like to see the source for this, to see how it checks the images.

Unfortinatley for me, it takes FOREVER!!! X_x

Well, for a good image generator, I’d expect that, though I never get to see what my pictures turn out to be :frowning:

Yeah, I have seen this before. It’s pretty cool!
I think it uses the GD2 library or Imagemagick.
my gmail sig ( and my winamp sig( downloads) both use GD2.

Not too bad. Very odd and very slow, but not too bad.