New CUI Encoders Shaft Sizes from 2 mm to 5/8 in

I have been watching for these since Nov Last year when I learned of their development and was looking for a through shaft encoder for use on 1/2 hex applications. I was told they would start to become available in the spring 2019 but with new products something must have delayed it. All the distributors show 0 in stock but at least there are product descriptions posted.

Digital Encoders Support Shaft Sizes from 2 mm to 5/8 in

I could see the AM 57 Sport gearbox maybe getting a encoder stage using this over the output shaft or many other usfull spots on our robots.


So all of the shaft sleeves are round. Do you think one of the round sleeves would work for a .5" Hex, or were you planning on making something?

I believe it should be possible to 3D print an custom sleeve for a .5" hex shaft given the size constraints. Either way, I’m definitely interested in this since my team already uses the AMT 103Vs and love them!

Anyway, thanks for posting the link!




Well I assume we where going to need to model and print something. Guess not.

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Ayyy! Nice work!

Is this a sign that Andymark is planning to sell a HUH adapter, possibly as part of an encoder package, or is it just something you drew up?


I speculate this will be a part of their new products for 2020 line up. We just got a teaser. Since they already inventory CUI encoders its not to far of a stretch to assume the AMT13 will be added to the list.

This might interest you.

Seems pretty well priced and spec’d. Makes me rethink our own efforts. Would like a 6-pin JST to 10-pin IDC cable or board for cross compatibility.

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I have to think that my discussions and search for this exact thing last September sparked these new products. I was jumping down the rabbit hole last fall when I first learned about CUI’s development that was originally supposed to be out in March at the time. If I didn’t discover that then I would have attempted to prototype my own solution. Glad I didn’t waist the time.

I think the professional products will be better. But if you have a bunch of CTRE encoder stages lying around, you can always 3D print your own through-bore encoder housings:

I do like that the magnet is factory aligned and integral.

Yes that was linked to the thread I started last September.

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