New Debate Show - FRC Fight Night - Houston vs. Detroit - Tuesday 8:30pm ET

Tuesday 8:30pm ET: New Show Piloting! FRC Fight Night - Host @Connor_McBride brings in two guests to debate out two topics. YOU the audience will vote on each topic for who gets the point (and Connor will too).

Argument: Houston vs. Detroit
Depth of Competitive Field
Activities for Teams
International Presence/Diversity

Also FUN Trivia with a chance to win an Amazon gift card (now up to $15). Join #call-in-channel queue on FUN’s Discord if you are interesting in playing

Watch and vote for the winner live at


Debate night? Too bad I will miss it live.

I’m disappointed mentor built is not an option /s


Perhaps another show ;).

About to start the Pilot of FRC Fight Night! come join us

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