New Developers Needed

Seeing as I am graduating on May 22, openFIRST is in need of a new head developer.


  • Experience with PHP, including PHP4 and PHP5, including OOP
  • Knowledge of DBMS’s, especially MySQL
  • Experience with XML, XHTML, CSS2, and CSS3
  • Experience SSH, Linux, and LAMP
  • Experience with SourceForge is prefered
  • Must be in high school and not graduating this year

Duties include:

  • Actually coding
  • Handling bugs
  • Maintaining the website content
  • Maintaining FIRST blogs
  • Making releases

Note that if multiple people are selected, these duties can be split.

Please contact me if you’re interested. Remember, this is for the heir of openFIRST, if you will. We can’t take someone who will do it for 3 months and then quit. What is needed is someone who will stick with it.