New England Contingent - IRI Bus - Seats Available

Hi Everyone-

Teams 125, 2648 and 3467 have been working hard to finalize plans for our 3 teams to travel together to IRI in a few weeks. Now that plans have solidified, we are ready to post about shared seats on the IRI bus from New England.

Here are the details:

Departure: July 17th @ 8pm, somewhere in/near Boston (exact location TBD)
Arrival in Indy: July 18th @ ~4pm

Depart Indy: July 20th @ 6pm (at the end of the competition)
Arrival in Boston: July 21st @ ~2pm

Price: $220-$250 (final price to be determined by final number of people on board)

We have a handful of spots remaining, so we ask if you are even interested to let us know ASAP so we can start planning around that and around who will be attending.

Our teams are looking forward to a fun trip and a fantastic event, we hope you join us on our adventure!