New England District event thoughts and appreciations

So venue problems aside, I have to say I was actually so happy with how the event overall. It would have been really easy for the volunteers and staff who worked countless hours keeping the field playable to be grumpy or frustrated, but I never had a single negative interaction. If anything they went out of their way to make sure the teams got a good experience at every stage of the event! Major kudos to everyone who worked the event. I also felt like all the teams were just SUPER excited to be back at DCMP after two years away. Speaking for my team, we finally got to play with some old friends we hadn’t seen in forever and made plenty of new ones along the way. Every match I felt we were met in the halls with a “wow that match was really fun, great job” no matter what the outcome had been. It’d have been really easy for our partners 1027 to have been upset when we had to call for the backup in finals but they were as terrific in that moment as they had been to work with throughout elims. Or for 95 to be frustrated as we joined them for another finals loss but it was all smiles as we left the field together. We can’t wait to play with you all again!


Those were some hefty nails for sure. Wish I snagged one during field takedown LOL


I am on 3461, Number 3 seed captain. We could not believe how far that went, It just kept going.

We were a little annoyed with the Ref call for the climb points because it didnt seem like we were supporting 668 which would have given us the 5 points needed to win.

According to the rules though it was technically the right call, just one I wasnt happy about (Of course because it lost us the match and got us eliminated)

Im not worried about it though, Right at 4:00 we got the call that we qualified for worlds so I will see a lot of teams there in a few short days.

All in all it was by far the best event I have ever been to since my first event in 2019 as a rookie

Edit: I totally forgot to shout out 228 and 663 our alliance partners for making up a great alliance and a hell of a Quarterfinal. We will certainly never forget that Quarterfinal round


3461 here, we can TOTALLY agree with that. You and your alliance played so well, we’ve never been as engaged with a quarters bout like that, and we applaud you guys for getting far!!! (Next time we’ll not fall :))


As one who helped put together that #6 alliance I can agree with everyone else that it was as intense as a quarterfinal could possibly be. Huge thanks to you guys and 1073 for joining us on the ride through it all. Also big respect to 3461,228,663 for pushing us all to our limits. I was sad to see it end in a fall but all 3 of your robots were admirable all week long. For the kids of 6153 to see them go from missing playoffs at Pease to semi finalist alliance captains at New England’s it was an amazing rebound.


Thank you to everyone who congratulated our team’s growth over the season. Our kids were always very surprised when I passed on the message. “Wait, team XYZ knows who we are?!”

Thank you to the media pass guy in queue for having a smile on his face the entire event even though he was probably dealing with a pretty chaotic job.

We’ll be back next year. Congrats to 238, 176, and 5846 on a job very well done.


It was great to see our teams on the same alliance after all these years! I remember playing against you at Granite State your rookie year (maybe even your very first event?) and our seniors commenting that you were a team to watch. They were right about that! Congratulations on the great season and thanks for helping us give 238 a run for their money!

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8023 here, we didn’t make it past the quals, but playing with and against you was so fun.
I will not forget the attempt to strategize for a match we were on opposite sides of. I’d been going non-stop and really needed the laugh. The match we had together was really fun, even though we lost. I love the energy of your team.
Good luck in Houston, represent New England! I hope to see you all either during off-season events, or next year!


Well, this event was one for the books! Had to create a CD account because I felt that strongly (must’ve lost mine from HS from the old days haha)

Just wanted to give a huge tip of the hat and a big thank you to all of the volunteers, staff, and teams for making this event one of my top 3 events I’ve ever worked. There was such energy and intense competition. Getting to MC the Titanium Division and introduce the Grand Finals was absolutely amazing.

And thanks for going along with not milk/got milk. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone that polarized about dairy products since the invention of skim milk :joy:

To everyone heading to Houston, best of luck and safe travels!


NE DCMP 2022 is now in my top 3 most memorable events I’ve been to. The silly antics from buckets to got milk and not milk (the correct answer is #notmilk) will be something I cherish forever.

FYI, I will be supporting the #notmilk brand during Load in on Wednesday in Houston.

Shoutout to you @mst3k2112 for leading the hype squad this past weekend!




I don’t know about that, #gotmilk seems significantly cooler than #notmilk


I have to disagree.
#GotMilk all the way.
Maybe have the field sponsored by Hood next season?? :eyes:


Shoutouts to Alex (#NotMilk Field Super), Tim, Emily, Ken, everyone else repairing the fields, and those who helped set up, tear down, and pack the pods. It was definitely the two most challenging fields any of us have seen in quite a while, but at the end of the day everyone stepped up to make it work. I really can’t say enough about how great all of our volunteers are.


From the sidelines it was obvious that the field crew was incredible. They were out there after every match making repairs to stay ahead of the issues caused by robots rampaging over the warped plywood.

In spite of all these challenges, they ran a smooth event that stayed on schedule. The atmosphere was so chill, and the #gotmilk rivalry was a blast. (Is it wrong that I can hear the Macarena playing in my head right now?)

Thank you to everyone who made NE comps a reality.


Agreed with everyone here, the NE District champs was a blast!
Such a good vibe everywhere, well-run and lots of room for everyone.
Even with the dirt/plywood floor issue, the crew was amazing keeping it going and the MC’s making it fun.
Thanks to all who had a hand in making it awesome!


The venue was an interesting experience. There were negative minor items but the major plus is an arena able to fit two fields and a building next door for all the Pits. And Llamas. My opinion: Things like this always happens at new locations, doubled in size by two fields. Now that they know us and we know them, negotiations will begin for a more better event. Or not. I’m not involved in that.

Just putting this here, from the [FRC Blog] FIRST Championship! thread:

The Big E Coliseum is dirt all the way down, from the people* I heard it from. It did have an ice rink ages ago but was torn out, because the horse dirt clogged the drain pipes. (Fun fact: the thermostat in the only Men’s Room in the Coliseum has a label mentioning the Zamboni Room.) The Ramboard paper/cardboard was originally the only covering but the plywood was brought in last minute for the Field areas.The nails were brought in the next morning when they saw how warped the plywood was.

I’m assuming the Ramboard only is the floor used for concerts. If you noticed the three tractors parked out back, one had a roller to flatten the dirt. The other two roughed it up for the horse’s toes.

(* Including the woman that made the great volunteer food for breakfast and lunches. She was so worried what to feed the volunteers she went to one of the competitions to learn what it was all about. She also has a horse for this weekend’s event.)

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By the way, TV news story today: 9,000 tons of dirt was dumped on the Gillette stadium field today in sympathy for last week’s NECHAMP.


Not really - it’s hosting a Supercross race this weekend.


not milk.
Not Milk.
NOt MIlk.

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172 guy here.
Our team doesn’t exactly come to win the game, we come to play the game. And you know what? I looked at some of these teams and I could tell that they all had a fun time just playing Rapid React. It really seemed like both fields were very evenly matched, which made the competition aspect fantastic (thanks, algorithm).
Wanna give a large thanks to teams 2067 and 237 for being great playoff alliance partners and also everyone we worked with to help make a low goal only robot surprisingly good.
Thanks to the field crew (Derek especially) and the volunteers who did their best railroad worker impression hammering in those giant nails.
Overall great experience, would do again (but with a high hub shooter of course).