New England District Events 2016

The New England District events for the 2016 season have been posted!

Personally, I’m kind of sad to see that there isn’t a Northeastern University District Event… However, there are some great alternatives. It seems like the trend is to find a different place for district champs every year, granted I could be mistaken, and FIRST is just trying to find a place for it every year.

I’ll gladly take BU in place of Northeastern just for the Burger place next to Agganis and the atmosphere in Agganis.

Glad to see Reading is continuing, simply because the pits and field are so close to each other. It was such a well-run event last year you couldn’t even tell it was in its first year, and the Reading field house is a very clean location might I add.

Very cool list of events for this upcoming year. Switchin’ up the venue for GSD, excited for it nonetheless. Glad to see UNH is returning as well. I wonder if it’s at the Whittemore Center again, fantastic atmosphere there last year.

I’ve heard it’s supposed to be switching from Boston to Worcester to Hartford every year, and then cycle again.

It’s interesting that Boston’s getting an event at the Agganis again. That’ll be nice, although I don’t really mind either way (Agganis or Matthews … both work just fine).

I’m so glad Agganis Arena is being used again! Also, the XL Center looks pretty nice for the District Championship.

Great lineup of venues this year! Glad to see the Agganis Arena at BU back on the list for a district.

Also really, really excited to see Windham is hosting an event this year! Should be a great event in a school that was built with some FIRST influence from local FLLers.

Thanks NEFIRST for another great list of events.

I created a Google map with all the events if anyone wants to determine distance from their location easily.

Events are color coded by week. Green = week 1, red = week 7

Maybe it’s just because my team is from CT, but I am beyond excited for the DCMP being held at the XL Center.

Eh, it may not be HELD at NEU… but I think you’ll see some familiar faces at BU.

I’m glad to hear you liked the Reading event last year! I know our mentors that helped run the event would be glad to hear this.

Reading was probably my favorite event last year, although I might be biased by the fact that I didn’t have too far to travel each day :rolleyes:. Can’t wait to come back home and help run the event!

Good to hear. I’d have to say NEU has been my favorite district event these past two years.

Likewise I can’t wait to not have to organize hotels, travel, and food for GSD. Simply roll the robot down the hallway, easy as that.

I noticed UNH doesn’t have the exact location noted. I hope, for the health of all involved and the ease of working on machines, that the comp is either not in the Whittemore Center or that there is a better flooring solution than the homasote board pieces that they had covering the ice last year. Not being able to drill/cut/sand/grind in the pits was a severe detriment to the event last year.

Thanks everyone for the kind words about the NU District.

Basically, we couldn’t get the dates to work this year- the schedule is super constrained with the VERY late kickoff and Easter falling smack dab in the middle of the season. Week 6 is also generally an area we’d like to avoid as it gives teams very little time to prepare for a trip to DCMP.

BU and Agganis will be a great venue- which is the bar that was set by the NU District. I would be very shocked to NOT see us back at NU in the near future.

In the meantime- we have one heck of a venue to play in!

Northeastern/Boston District Event Chair

I’m really disappointed that the three events that are easiest to get to for 1519 are all Saturday-Sunday events. I guess our travel budget will be going up this year, particularly with DCMP also being in Hartford…

That’s unfortunate with the adjusted scheduling of FRC this year but the schools are still on the same schedule so Week 1 no longer falls during NH school vacation so the high school venues for GSD can’t run a Fri/Sat event.

At least there are still some Friday/Saturday events this year.

Definitely understand the sentiment. The scheduling constraints this year were very tough (as I sort of outlined above). Late kickoff, Easter on Week 4, and trying to avoid Week 6 to give teams time to plan for DCMP - something had to give, and that lead to more Sat/Sun events.


I won’t say I’m disappointed with the Saturday-Sunday events (other than it makes it all but impossible to attend Mass), but I will agree that transportation costs are obviously going up … especially since we (probably) won’ t know we’re in the NECMP until a few days beforehand (thus making hotel reservations very expensive).
Ditto for St. Louis, although we could book our charter bus before we know we’re going, and cancel if we’re not. Hotels … not much we can do here.