New England - Rhode Island Livestream Videos

I was looking for the Elimination matches from the Rhode Island event last week and I found some assorted videos from matches but not the eliminination rounds. I KNOW they were posted because I saw them live but I can no longer see them. Thoughts?

This is the site where the videos are at:

That’s actually incorrect. Just because something was broadcast live, doesn’t mean that it was archived. It’s a quirk in the way Livestream works - the event producer actually has to designate each video clip to be available after the live broadcast (according to this page). So it’s very possible that the elimination matches were not designated to be archived, and are now gone forever (except the local copy on the video guy’s production machine)

I have it on good authority that the videos will be posted soon.

I did not know that, plnyyanks. Interesting.

And thank you, Ricksta. I will be awaiting the upload! :slight_smile:

Each of the first 4 QF matches and F3 are online already. see this playlist:

I really hope the other matches make it online. They were really fun to watch

One of our mentors just posted all of 2168’s matches. A few are from the Robot POV. “Qual 44R” is kinda fun. The match starts 4 min into the video.