New England webpage?

I was looking to see if there was a New England website. I’ve seen ctfirst and mainefirst, but not one for the whole New England area. I was a little surprised when I didn’t find a Massachusetts site (my home state). I thought it would be a great idea as I know a lot of teams in New England tend to travel and work with those other teams from New England, even across state boundaries. Thanks.

i have not come across one but it sounds like a fun project to make one :slight_smile:

any other web developers up to a fun challenge?


it could be the New England CD.

There used to be an, but it looks like it’s been down for quite some time now.

Massachusetts does have a website. It is there is also

Baystate FIRST really just directs you to Boston FIRST as well as some other useful Massachusetts info about FIRST.

Boston FIRST is more detailed because it has a lot of pictures, video and information about the Boston Regional.

Anyone want to work on a New England page?

I would love to assist.

PM me here and I’ll send you my contact info.