New Festo valve 24v?

The new Festo valve we got is 24vdc. Is this what every one else got?

Festo finally sends us a really nice valve and we can’t even use it.

And you didn’t get any 12v optional solenoids with it? Very odd.

All i can say is check the kop list to see if you were intended a 12v version, and if so let FIRST (or whoever the organizer of this is nowadays) know that they made a mistake and you should have the correct version sent to you.

I already checked with the KOP and they are supposed to be 12vdc. I would just like to see what other people received.

ours says 12/24 volts, and seems to trigger properly on 12

Hmmmm, ours just says 24v and a 12v battery wouldn’t fire it. Two batteries together did.

The Festo valve has 24VDC printed on the side, but 12/24VDC printed on the ends.

EDIT: Does anyone have a link to buy them?

This provides the link to the old 2009 one. For some reason the link in the excel sheet that FIRST provided is wrong.


From the new pneumatics manual

FESTO has also supplied one double solenoid valve.
Instructions in the package explain how to wire the valve. The fittings
are the push to connect type so all you have to do is push in the tubing. The
valve is a 24V valve and must be connected to a Solenoid Breakout board that is powered
from the 24V supply on the Power Distribution Board.

They updated the wiring diagrams to explain how they want it done, too.

I must be missing something then. It looks to me like the NI9472 is still switching 12V in that picture.

If you look in the diagram, there are three sheets. You will see that in the sheet that shows how to wire for 12V AND 24V solenoids that there are TWO (2) NI9472 modules instead of just one. One (1) is wired to the regular 12V 30A max connections. The other one (1) module is wired to the 24V connection, the same connection that you wire the cRio to. If you just want to wire up for 24V you won’t need to wire up one of the NI9472 for a 12V connection, and vise versa if you only need to do it for a 12V connection.

Take a good look at the diagrams they updated, and just pay close attention to where the wires lead to.

My fault - I didn’t realize it was a multisheet PDF.

my question is why haven’t we recieved our valves yet? Secondly we would like to have 4 pnuematics fire at the same time, does any one have a suggestion and a link of a good solenoid that we could use or should be order 3 more FESTO solenoids?

A big question would first be what is the application of which you are using the pistons for? Also, how big are they? You can use branch connectors and using tubing to put them into a parallel system. I would be cautious though, because there is the possibility of running into a problem of pistons not firing at the same rate or pistons having the same amount of pushing force as it would if just connected to an individual solenoid. There are many things that you need to take into account and sometimes do a little math and physics.

Bottom line, just look at the application that you are using it for, test it out (prototyping over and over again never hurts, and its always fun), and think it through. Hope this helps.

Which valves are you referring to? The only solenoid valve in the KOP this year is the FESTO. If you were referring to pneumatic cylinders, you have to request them from Bimba - they are not included in the KOP. You can also purchase additional cylinders if you need more than the three provided by Bimba, or if they don’t have what you are looking for. Make sure you know the rules before you do that.

The single FESTO valve provided can control as many pneumatic cylinders as you like if you want them to actuate simultaneously. You can plumb them in series, in parallel, or a combination of the two. You can use the tubing and fittings provided, or you can purchase additional ones if you need. Everything is subject to the 2010 Rule Book, of course.

If you haven’t already discovered it, the 2010 Pneumatics Manual has recently been released. It’s located under Section 8 of the Competition Manual on the FRC website. It is a must-read document if you are considering using pneumatics on an FRC robot.

i think we understand the cylinders, i remember last year people said SMC makes a soleniod that is better the the FESTO any thoughts? also what company do teams use to get pnuematic parts like the hose clips that go in the end of the cylinders? thanks for your help

Here’s a thread with links to various parts:

We did not receive our valve either (along with some other parts), so we submitted a replacement parts request in TIMS. Our team leader said he got an automatic email back that said several teams were missing the same parts as ours so I expect we will get them shortly. Hopefully you submitted the same request (the deadline is past).

I have used SMC solenoids alot before (we used to get 2 or 3 in the KOP every year and I’ve bought some other ones) and was always very pleased with them. Unfortunately, both SMC and Festo Solenoids run around $80-100 apiece. The SMC part number from the '06 kit was SY3240-6HZ-X70-S, and I found it online today for $83.40. The '09 part was SY3240-5L0Z, which was 24V (the 5 after the 3240 is 24V, the 6 is 12V).

I might have to go into business. I think I have a case of 24v SMC solenoids tucked away in the robotics room.
Fundraiser anyone?:slight_smile:

What is this wiring diagram you speak of? I’m in programming, and I think the mechanical guys hid it from me so they can always blame me:mad: !!!
I figured the solenoid hooks up to the breakout in slot 8 powered from the 24v outlet, but how do I hook up the cables to the connecter?


PS I have the new Festo valves, and I think the leads have to be combined into one connecter. Help!!!