new FIRST store?

I didn’t see any other topics on this, and I am 57 on the site counter, so im pretty sure its new!

Its a link from the usfirst site! first apparel galore!

if thiws is nothing new, shun me now!

Only 57? I’ve been on the site like 5 times already…

Yeah, you were all at Nats when it came up :slight_smile:

dang, i thought I foind somthing. At least its new and not somting ancient that i just didnt know about.

our team was unfortunate enough not to go to nationals! lol

I wish they had mens polo shirts in like black with the full color FIRST logo. None of this khacki-navy stuff.

Yeah, they had the physical store pushed back in some corner in the Georgia Dome, near the scholarships. It ticked me off that I wanted to buy a jean jacket, and they told me that I had to order it “directly off the website, which was now available.” Fools! I am a consumer glutton! I want my swag NOW!!! :yikes:

Nice stuff though… Needs a bit more variety though.

You could probably request that. I talked to the guy running the store, and they said they would try to cater our needs, and if he saw a sufficient want for something, he woudl make it. He also said he could do shirts for the off season compititions.

They’d be smart to sell bookbags/messenger bags. (and Not the pod backpack…which…is odd). I want a first purse too. LOL!

I think they have a bad choice of colors!

Very dull in my opinion

All I want is a grey T-shirt with a black FIRST logo on it

A FIRST flash drive.

So cool.

Ya i want a collared shirt with teh FIRST colors if i am going to pay $30 i atleast want there colors

Same here! Why the heck couldn’t they bring those with them to Nationals??? I think there’d be more of a demand for those than the 04 shirts (which, incidentally, i disliked highly)

Grr…now to get my denim shirt online…

Apparently, they only had a few days notice to prepair all the FIRST merch, so the only stuff they could sell was the stuff they could print there.

I was quite upset that there wasn’t a game shirt offered. I can understand if FIRST can’t afford to give them out for free, but the fact that they were not even selling them was quite a disappointment. The only merchandise with the year was quite ugly, and they ran out before the end of the day Saturday. Plus, the rest of the stuff was all generic sports clothes that happened to say FIRST on them.

It’s odd that they sell noise makers that are forbidden at FIRST events.

On the whole, this merchandise looks uninspired. FIRST could’ve done better on this one if, it seems, more time was available to them.

Go to the link in the first post of this thread, click on the FIRST logo in the upper left hand corner, and behold the glory that is me - FIRST poster child! The main page picture will forever capture the moment that I was being given a sales pitch (which I believe was after I bought my $32 shirt…that I love!)


I spent a lot of time with the reps of the store as they are out of Manchester NH, which is close to Nashua, NH where I live. I also wanted the jean jacket, but was told to order it… so I plan on going to the company next week and having a custom jacket made with My team logo and awards on it .

I also mentioned that I disliked the single color first logos on the polo shirts. They told me that FIRST made them do these for something different.

Basically these guys are pretty good people and they were looking for feedback on what we in FIRST teams wanted to have available. So I would suggest that we send them feedback so that they can have what we want.

They not only wanted feedback on clothing, but also wanted to know what trinkets and gadgets they could have in stock for FIRST.

Contacts are. <–this is who I spoke with.

So give them a call and lets see if it gets better next year…

Ken Leigh
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i want a FIRST car flag

as if leafs ones arent enough right now all over toronto :wink:

go leafs!

i just hope this doesn’t restrict the use of the FIRST logo by teams. FIRST better make sure thier logo stays, well, ‘open source’ so teams don’t have to go through this one company to get all their things printed.