New Folks! Yeah!!

Posted by mike aubry, Engineer on team #47, Chiefs, from Pontiac Central.

Posted on 4/30/99 7:43 PM MST

Hey, I couldn’t help from noticing alot of new names posting on our forums. I just wanted to take a few seconds to say - Welcome and we’re glad to have you. You probably have found these forums are a great way to meet and stay in contact with our extended FIRST family, and you will undoubtedly see that no one is shy about posting opinions. We hope that everyone also understands and agrees that it is okay to have differing opinions, just remember that we all have agreed that its healthier that way. So - with that, post away! Also, if you will so kndly respond to this question. What brought you to our little forum? Word of mouth? You saw our web board at the nationals? You just happen to link to us from a different site? The reason I’m asking is that I believe that this type of forum is essential to the FIRST program and that we (ChiefDelphi) are in a great position to set up or assist others in this kind of communication network. To do this I feel that we need to know more about how others feel? Where they visit from and why? Sorry this is so long! Please respond - Thanks, Mike A

Posted by Eric gargus, Student on team #217, Team Macomb, from Armada High School and Ford and Fraser.

Posted on 4/30/99 8:11 PM MST

In Reply to: New Folks! Yeah!! posted by mike aubry on 4/30/99 7:43 PM MST:


I am one of the older new folks, but here is how I found your guys page. This was my Teams (Team 217) rookie year, and we started our team after seeing a demonstration by none other then Chief Delphi. After we started I decided to check out the pages of the experienced teams, so where better to start then with the page of the Team who help start us? Once I was here I was hooked. And thats why I’m here and I intend to stay here.

Eric Gargus

P.S. The WEB HUG was great. I have made a lot of good friends from this page. Thanks for all your work guys!