!New Forum Game!

I feel we need a new game here on the forums, so here it is:


1. You must type everything that comes to your head in response to the
topic. Responses should be linked in a way to the one before it.
2. After you finish with your thoughts come up with a new topic and
post it.
3. Of course, posts must be family friendly and follows the forum rules

first topic: STAR WARS

unfortunatly there is a limit to the lenght a post can be so i will go easy and say


second topic, Andy Baker and the people that want to be him

Who will be the last surviving Andy Baker. Find out next week on Survivor: Midwest Edition… :stuck_out_tongue:

Next Topic:
Making Parts on a CNC.

Man I wish we could afford a CNC machine… :slight_smile:

Next topic: 3DS Max

3DS MAX is a pain in the butt to position all the cameras and i cant really use it. thats why i let the animation guy take care of it (im media)

Topic: Trying to order parts, but not being able to get purchase orders out to get them.

non-priority mail, ship date, competitions, regionals and nationals, sports, basketball, basketball players, stars, michael jackson, jokes, god, religion, christianity, history, samurai, manga, anime, japan, teriyaki.

that is how i originally intended to have this game played. how about an easy to link topic: video games.

I want to help develop the new MMORPG based on my favorite TV show… Stargate! …(Random talk about how great the show is and how it’s the best thing ever to hit sci-fi, etc)…

I’ve come to realize that schools today are counter-intuitive to learning. (Think about it, how does learning happen naturally? In school?)

is that the new topic, if so then schools don’t try to teach you anything, more like they force you to study outside of school which is where you really do learn.

new topic: the point of the chief delphi forums.

Obviously it is to talk about my stargate mod for morrowind:p

Cell Phones.

Are annoying when you can’t get signal.

Welding aluminum

Don’t do it, Can’t do it, I’m a programmer…and I like it.

The ever increasing popularity of anime.

Dragon Ball Z! LOL :smiley:

topic:e = m c 2

Don’t make light about my relatives.

Next topic: The walking rocks of Death Valley.

Death valley sounds dangerous…

next topic: Foreign language

fun and well fun

next topic

If you dont like life, you don’t deserve it.

American Idol :yuck:

American Idol is a humorous show during the audition process, until the drama starts. Then I hate it just like any other reality TV show. Ugh.

Next topic:
FIRST Robotics Nerds vs. Star Trek Nerds

FIRST people are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than Star Trek nerds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next up: Krispy Kreme donuts

puts a lot of glaze on their glazed donuts and hardens very quickly

new topic: freeways


Next topic: school