New FRC Team website

I just created our teams FRC website, let me know what you think. Also if anyone has experience getting sponsors, can you give me some advice, thanks in advance!

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Looks pretty good! One thing I’d recommend, although minor, would be to put the robots in order by most recent on the homepage. As you go through more seasons it’ll make it easier to navigate the homepage.

Also it’s generally common practice to italicize the word FIRST wherever it’s typed up.

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ahh I see, thanks for that great advice

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Your website looks pretty good.

Have a discussion about how your team wants the website to look in 5 years time, if you have not already done so. Some team websites get completely redesigned every time anew person takes over responsibility for the website.

You may want to consider having the team discuss what it’s policy is regarding exposing the full names for the student and adult team members, if you have not already done so.

Do you have any teacher/sponsors and mentors? Are there parents who have been helping the team in some capacity? Including them on your website would be a good way to give them some recognition and so they are more likely to continue to help your team.


Looks fantastic! I especially love the robots page, it gives me a real baseball card vibe. And the reference site is a really good idea. What do you use for that?

A few bugs I found:

  • The Github link (at the bottom) goes to a private page so it only works if you are on the team, remove the /dashboard from the end
  • The twitter link at the bottom goes to smbldrobotics (which doesn’t exist) not SMblyRequired
  • “Season Loading…” isn’t removed from the Events page when the PDF loads in
  • I’d increase the width of your peopleCards to 300px so more names fit

Also want to echo this. Despite several successful and failed attempts, our team site has been in constant need of being remade since I joined in 2011. Despite it being pretty important to our team’s operation it can get neglected.

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I wrote a longer reply at some point on the topic of getting sponsors, big and small, so I’ll link my reply here. Feel free to ask for specifics/clarification on anything that is unclear.

I think there might be a typo in the mission statement. It says student let robotics team. Did you mean student led?

Looks nice! What content management system is driving this, if any? For an outsider, an explanation of the 2 team numbers 3020/5805 might help. Think about embedding a blog of some sort to share articles about your team and season. They can be helpful to sponsors to learn more about the great experiences they are investing in. Take a look at a Lighthouse report from the Chrome browser /inspect/lighthouse and it will give you some things to check.
New websites should put some thought into accessibility - Take a look at WCAG standards. A few things like descriptive alt tags on images can improve access and in some jurisdictions help maintain compliance. Think about about sustainability of maintaining the website. Create guides to help future teams members with maintenance or you may find yourself getting questions 10 years from now. Consider adding a brief description of robot capabilities in terms that would help a sponsor ie “The robot is capable of pull itself up 12 inches from a bar 7 feet off the ground and lifting another robot with it” vs “buddy climb”, which means more to a scout then a casual observer of the game.

You have sponsors at the bottom of your home page but don’t list them all on the sponsors page.
The story and mission could also be organized under About. I personally don’t like readying a lot of text over a photo but that’s just me.

At some point you may consider adding Alumni feedback, or a list of schools attended to show how the team helped prior students along their journey.

Nice work

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