I want to start an FRC team at my school and my school doesn’t have enough space. What are my options? I have looked into renting and idk how much space we will need. Any advice will be helpful.

Where are you located? I would suggest joining a nearby school if your school doesn’t have a lot of space. Running an FRC team requires lots of time, space, resources, and energy, and personally I would recommend starting a new one without the proper preparation and infrastructure. Check nearby schools for teams, it’ll make your life much easier.

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I’ve heard stories of teams operating out of garages provided by sponsors/mentors. That might be something to look into.


What school? Where are you located? Are you working with a school administrator? A teacher?

Need more info to be able to help you out.

The school that I go to refused to start an FRC team due to the financial responsibility and teacher time requirements. I started a community team that builds out of my garage. It’s definitely possible, but it takes heavy time commitment to get the sponsors and funding needed to be able to compete. Finding another team is the much less stressful route, but if there are truly no teams near you than starting your own team might be your only option if you can provide the commitment it needs.

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Is there a MakerSpace nearby? Your local Coimmunity Center might be able to provide you a meeting/workspace. Or perhaps another high school, community college or university could host your team until you are established and can secure your own.

I am located in Cary,NC and I haven’t contacted an administrator or teacher yet

I have heard about other schools in my district using a retail spaces in malls.

You should talk to a administrator, you really never know if they just have some extra space you could use

So the problem with my school is that they don’t allow for any new clubs to be started or even discussed until September. And if we start in September is will probably to late to start.

We will have to push it off till the next year

You would recommend it? also how much money do you think it will cost. I hear that the registration fees cost around 6000 dollars

There’s a lot to starting an FRC team, and I would highly encourage you to start with identifying a teacher or administrator who’s willing to be your “champion” in the school district, and help you deal with your school’s logistics.

Yes, there are “community teams” out there that operate outside of a school system, building in garages or makerspaces or storefronts or community colleges or other spaces. But there’s a lot of management and logistical coordination that’s moved to the team in that scenario, not the least of which is finding proper insurance coverage for the team in their build site. You can look into building an affiliation with your local 4H chapter or other community group as a way to help manage this, but I would still encourage doing that sooner than later if the school rebuffs you.

Our team has something like 4.5m by 15m space, half of which is occupied pre-installed desks and shelves and stuff, with some shelves in adjacent rules exclusively for storage. The active area we use is like 2 times a regular pit space, plus the edge of a desk, and we’ve managed just fine. We use open areas of our school (such as the area by our canteen, which is a circle around 4m in radius and library main hall (with necessary permission just for testing the drivebase)) for driving the robot around, with using small and portable imitant field elements for testing purposes, without even a half-field to practice. And despite all this, our robot performance has been quite decent year over year. So if you are smart about your use of space I don’t think you will have much trouble even if they allow you some small space. As long as you have a classroom that you can use for your meetings and some adjacent storange space, I think you can manage it. Storage is a big part of the deal, admittedly.

You should contact team 5190 at Green Hope High School, just to start with. They are a very experienced team and the ones who rent the space at Cary Towne Center mall. They’ll be a great asset for you if you go on to setup your own team. They’ve certainly helped us out and we’re all the way over in Chapel Hill (and technically an older team.)

yah I was referring to green hope. Cortechs also runs out of a mall

Thanks everyone I appreciate the help.

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Which school are you wanting to start a FRC team for?

It looks like there are 5 teams that operate out of Cary, NC. Is there any reason you’d like to start your own rather than joining an already present team? I’m not sure if the time you’d need to put in to figure out the logistics and money would be worth it, especially if you could simply join an existing team and just into the action.

Start an FTC team…

Way less space, less cost too.