Your #1 priority is to find a teacher who is as interested in this as you are. Otherwise, just join a local team. Or start a VEX/FTC team instead, those are way easier.

Yah I think that I will just apply for one of the 5 teams operating out of Cary. I am already on the VEX team at my school and its not as challenging as FRC

Another option is to ask the other teams in your area for assistance in starting a new team - they’d probably be very willing to help.

Of course, you could also just join them.

If I may ask, what school in the area do you attend?

If you want to start a school-based team, I would suggest reaching out to teams in your area and ask about sharing a build space. I know that the rookie team that our team started is in a small school without a machine shop… We let them come during our build times, and I would recommend doing the same thing as the team you share with can help you out with anything that you may have questions about.

The amount of space you would need is dependent on several things: how many students you have, how many tools/parts you need to store/use, if you want bigger machines (bandsaw, lathe, CNC, etc), and a whole host of other things.

I would recommend you reach out to the well-know teams in your area, as they can provide a lot of guidance for a rookie team.

Running a team is very expensive, and starting a team is even more expensive. Here are the numbers to have your team compete:

  • Regisration: 5,000-6,000 (gets you a kit of basic parts, event participation, and team registration)
  • Event cost: ???-??? (costs for hotels, food, and travel will vary by how far you have to travel, how many students you have, and if you are going to a regional [longer] or district [shorter] event)
  • Parts cost: ???-??? (depends if you build a chasis from scratch or if you want to get a kit robot like this. I might reccomend this, depending on how much money you have. These are really nice because you don’t need to worry about ordering stock materials and then working it yourself.

These are just a few of the things needed to start a team, so I would check out the FIRST guide to starting a team. Hope this helps!

Can I make a suggestion? Hawktimus Prime (3229) is a team over in Holly Springs at Holly Springs HS. See if a few of your students and maybe a teacher can “join” their team for next year. Start the process of forming a club for your FRC team at your school in September but by joining 3229 for a year, you’ll see how it works and get a leg up when you’re officially become a team in the fall. We let local high schools here (Philadelphia area) do that with us and it’s wildly successful and both parties benefit from it.


If you are interested in starting a team and dont know where to start, my team has started over 12 very successful programs and we are happy to help you on this journey! This includes helping you find space, funds, technical and non-technical assistance, etc.
Feel free to shoot me a PM!

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