New (free) Task management available in Onshape

Hey everyone,

A friend recently shared this neat looking app from the onshape app store called OneIPM. It looked really useful for potentially managing tasks for an FRC team. This video doesn’t cover everything, but it does cover some of it: The first half of the video shows some features that might be useful in creating technical content for the Infinite Recharge at home, and the 2nd half is for a task manager that I’m excited about.

I reached out to oneIPM, and they’re actually willing to provide oneIPM accounts to FIRST Team members! You can follow the instructions here: OneIPM - FIRST Robotics Competition. I think especially with the amount of remote work we need to do this year, and/or with limited in person time/capacity, it could be particularly useful to teams.

I actually got to do a video meeting with Bill (OneIPMs founder) and he showed some very cool features not covered in the video linked above that I think will be useful for teams as well.

I plan on putting together a video over the next week (or so) highlighting some of those things and how I can see us using the features. In particular, the ability to link from one project to another means I can create a flow for the design aspect, then machining. Additionally, it keeps track of who owned at task so for a large team such as ours, it will hopefully be easier to know who machined/printed/designed a certain part if a question comes up. While I don’t have a video together yet, I’m including some screenshots below to hopefully convey it better than just a wall of text

The items in red on the far left are things from another project. So for instance, I have three projects:
Robot Assembly - where we could keep track of if something is in concept/design/being assembled/being integrated
2020 Robot tasks - things that are in the “design” stage of robot assembly can be tracked as to if someone is working on it, if we’re making a drawing for it, if the drawing has been reviewed, or if it’s ready for machining
Machining - as a large team, our machinists and designers are not always the same people, so a machinist could go see if something is ready, and assign it to themselves. Or when we start having a bunch of things ready for design, someone can manage and see what machines are the bottleneck and prioritize. The “finished” column is tied back to the robot assembly so that it can be moved into the assembly and/or integration columns.

You also don’t have to have it in a document/in onshape. You can view your projects/tasks from

Hope it’s useful to some of you out there!


Do you know if we can use this with the Enterprise Edu accounts as well?

It should work just fine with the enterprise edu. The projects should be viewable to anyone in the “company” or whatever the onshape term is.

Bill needed to implement the team sharing for non enterprise users. But that has been implemented and it seems to work just fine for us so far.

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