New from Robowrangler Industries: Codesplode!

New from Robowrangler Industries: Codesplode! 'Splode into the Code!

Need some extra energy for finishing up those late night coding sessions? Try Codesplode!*

*Not suitable for everyone.

Years later, Powerthirst lives on.

I thought i remembered that from somewhere…

Can you also come out with CadSplode? I could use a good helping of that right now.

Hmm… Is Codesplode suitable for use with LabView?

If so, maybe I’ll have to buy a few olympic-pool-sized orders of it

It’s like a dinosaur riding a rocket ship :cool:

Love the final shot where the cabinets say “No whining” Nice…

Nice to see another team taking inspiration from Powerthirst.

It still doesn’t make any sense.

Powerthirst, FRC edition?

I like it.

Frank, that’s been out for quite a while. :stuck_out_tongue: