New fundraising idea!! Car show. Any FIRST teams ever try this?

I have been thinking about this type of fundraiser for a while now, basically cause I have grown up going to these types of events and participating in them with a few different cars over the years.

Anyways, has any FIRST team ever tried holding one of these types of events as a team fundraiser?
I know the two biggest hurdles would obviously be a location for the car show, and obviously volunteers to run everything.
A DJ/music is almost a non/issue since I have a DJ in mind who would almost certainly do the event for free. (A DJ that still uses 45’s and 78’s and turntables - whoa… lol - If you don’t know what those are, ask somone about 10 years older than you! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyways, what does everyone think of this idea, and what suggestions can you give me if you have done this before.

Thanks in advance!


We thought about doing this last year but we never got if off the idea board. Don’t forget to give out awards to get people to want to bring their car.

Yeah, “door” prizes would probably be part of the details that go into planning it, along with awards, maybe some dash plaques, and a 50/50 raffle.

Somehow I think you’ve been waiting for me to reply to this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, from past experience of running these types of shows, I think our team could pull it off. The biggest issue (for us) will be a good location. Just remember that with the amount of money people have put into these vehicles they’re not going to park in a dirt lot or farm pasture. To get people to show up at one and stay you will need food of some sort, bathrooms, and possibly games to keep them interested. A DJ is also an excellent idea and with Pete I think you’ve got that covered like you said.
You also need to advertise. Print up fliers and go to other shows and pass them out to people and drop them in the cars. When I leave shows sometimes I could have 20 fliers on the front seats of my '68 Mustang. I highly recommend having a cut-off year on the flier. 1978 or 1980 works well. You should also put “we have the right to refuse any vehicle” on there as well. Without the cut-off and refusal your “show” will be nothing more than a regular parking lot full of cars. You should also have “no burnouts” on there as well to cover your butt. Last thing you want is to have the police shut down your show or held liable for someone getting hit in the head by a flying rock or damages to another vehicle.
As for volunteers I think we have enough people on our team I feel are able to pull this off and I can get others to help if needed.

There is a car show that I usualy go to every friday night. Its right near a burger king, so when you come in they give every person a ticket to be able to get a free small drink from the burger king. They have a speaker car that just plays old music all night which is wicked awesome. There are door prizes which use the number of the drink ticket. Then on top of that they have a 50-50 raffle which on a warm sunny night I have seen bring in almost 300 dollars. They also give out lollipops to little kids.


Elgin … Lets see what we can do to make this work. It either this or the semi-pro wrestling thing again

Our robotics team doesn’t have a car show but the VICA club does- this year will be the second one. Last year they had it on the old baseball field behind the school and this year they’re going to park everything on the track around the football field. If your school has any kind of practice field that they don’t mind being driven on or a cheap gravel track like us then thats probably the best place to have it. Ours is during the last class or the day at school and most of the school comes just to get out of class.

Oh, and we all know how well that turned out… :rolleyes: For DECA anyways.

Sounds like a great idea, also lol Most Good Dj’s still use vynils in their spinning. Thats why they still call it spinning, and all dj competitions are with vynils, rarely cd’s. There is just so much cool stuff you can do with them. I still spin the vynils. ONly reason why a lot of dj’s are crossing over are 2 reasons, cost efficiency, and peer to peer downloading, ( hard to burn an mp3 to vynils without a $3k-$10k machine. )

Sorry for kinda off topic.