New Game for Robotics people


I was browsing my favorite game sites online, and found this…

its a online/multiplayer battlebot game!!

yes, i know its a battlebot game, but, you can do some really cool things with them, and also challenge people from other countries!!

my robot’s name is heliarch, if you see me on there sometime, challenge me!!

fun stuff…i know what i will be doing instead of studing now :smiley:

Hello, what do we have here…a game that’s robot-worthy? I’ll see how good this game really is and give a review later.

Too bad it probably isn’t open source…

Ryan? You taking notes? :stuck_out_tongue:

cool!! whos on? i’ll play ya

I’m on.

My robot’s name is BattleBob, a combat-oriented take on everybody’s favorite window-motor robot.