New Game Hint? - Crackerjacks, Haagen-Dazs cups and Diet Coke cans?

We might have our first game hint of the year!
Check it out at Bill’s Blog:

He mentions 3 distinct shapes:
Diet Coke cans- cylinders
Crackerjack cases- boxes
Haagen-Dazs cups- frustums

Could these be the three shapes of next years game pieces?

Please look around the forum, I believe this clue is already under discussion and has been overly dissected.

This post from Bill’s Blog has not been discussed, you are thinking of this thread about a post a few weeks later. The post that this thread is about has not been mentioned on CD.

I’m trying to figure out what any of those have to do with using one’s head. Hmmm… Any ideas?

well you have to eat them all…collecting something?

I’m sure you all remember these
I could see a game that involves sorting items. It’d just be incredibly challenging, and rely a lot on the new camera and/or the drivers



It just didn’t have its own thread.

I still think that it has something to do with stacking things. Maybe on the robot as opposed to on the field in referrence to the bit about using your head (balancing on your head):confused: .

Sorry Eric, I don’t follow much in this forum.

maybe you put the different game elements inside of the boxes?

If a game involving shape seperation & organization finally emerges in 2010, I will echo the statement of many with a great big "FINALLY!!!"

The idea of a game with that element to it has been discussed since I joined FIRST way back in 2001 - & I’m sure well before… ::safety::

The ice-cream containers… I’m telling you! Its a lamp-shade!

Hmm what about a tetris game? The idea was tossed around at a robot demo today, and it does make a bit of sense with the different shapes bit. Don’t have the first (pardon the pun) clue how you’d make a robotics game out of it though.

Edit: Oops, thanks iCurtis (Silly spell-check >.<).

2005 Triple Play

I think Mr. Pockets might have meant tetris. Tetras does fit rather nicely though…

I figured that there was something (a cross beam or bar) in the air and he hit his head on it while trying to duck under it…

You can eat the contents of the containers… maybe he wanted to make sure that this years game pieces can be recycled from other common household items meaning no Walmart not stocking orbit balls YAY!!!

Man that doesn’t make sense, but at least there is less than 4.5 months left until we find out what it is. Maybe i should pack these items for lunch during kickoff for good luck.:rolleyes:

I can really see them going green this year, and trying to cut back on costs. Maybe not quite to the point where we can make game pieces from common household items (though I really would like to see a toaster used as a game piece - toast game? called it.), but where the game pieces are more eco-friendly, or something of the sort.

Diet coke cans can be recycled ::safety:: You can even get money from them! Hmm…kind of sounds like a variation of this year’s Super Cell to me.

On the subject of a Tetris game…the 8 hours a week I wast–err, spend playing tetris might come in handy :smiley:

Ice cream + head = brain freeze
ice game

Sometimes I think that is a normal state of mind for me! :confused: