New Game Progress

what do you think the new game is going to be?

a water game :rolleyes:

Cory read my mind.:rolleyes:

Or better: jello game.:rolleyes:

it wouldn’t totally shock me if this year was the dreaded water game. i personally think that we’re still a long ways off from that (i know that’s kind of contradictory :slight_smile: if i had to say, following a pattern, this year probably won’t be a ball game, that is every other year. other than that, i don’t really know.

Red Herrings :cool:

I have said it once, and i’ll say it again and again until one year it will finally be true:

This year’s game piece will be pool noodles.


(when this happens I want scores of people linking to this post and asking me to predict next year’s game piece as well. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )

I will print this post out and eat it if we see a water game this year. I would make this bet EVERY year, but particularly this year with the new controller. Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

I don’t think FIRST would do water game because of the ability to some teams to be able to test robots with water.

Will we ever know what the game is until kickoff. Me no like this torture we get every year.

Now I just want to see Cory literally eat this thread.

My bet is that the new game will be an interesting design challenge, that challenges us to use the full abilities of the new controller. How about that for a general answer.

The 2009 game piece will be - Zack Morris cell phones.

I’ve never seen “Degrassi” but Karthik’s post about 1114 being on that TV show made me think of “Saved by the Bell”…

maybe they changes the control system so they could do a water game?CRIO waterproof?:smiley:

No, but it is somewhat fireproof:

See the “cRIO - Like a Rock?” video linked on this page:

Sorry… but IFI wouldn’t upgrade stuff like FIRST wanted (so i have been told)

Water games are far away, it’s too risky imo. But i would like to see plastic cubes that we have to lift onto some sort of platform that has a trap door that is connected to a lever that can be pulled/rammed into by another bot.

As much as we’d all like to see one, FIRST will never have a water game. There are always going to be rookie teams that have no experience making robots, let alone making them waterproof.

I really want to see projectiles again though, like they did in '06. If not that, then pool noodles.

what about or soccer or water polo that’d be fun

better yet, projectile pool noodles.i see maybe some kind of irregular object. maybe utilizing noneuclidean geometry.

how about a game on ice?

Klein Bottles!

This is Perhaps the first and last time you will ever see the term “Klein Bottle” followed by an exclamation point.

what about some small cylendrical game piece?

Dear god no more balls/tubes. I think we have killed round objects for a couple years. I want bins or something square.