New Game: Vex Toss Up

What do you all think?

Reminds me of an FTC game for some reason. There are alot of different ways to score this year which will be challenging. I’m interested in hearing what a FRC person thinks of the game since I am only a VRC person.

Well this will be interesting, I think an effective defensive strategy will be to drive to the scoring locations and just shoot the opposing balls back into the other side of the field. This may also require an interesting drive train to go over the middle bump.

I also predict some new vex products being released.

It’s going to be fun. And interesting game.

I’m interested in seeing teams do high hanging. Should be fun to watch.

This game reminds me of numerous FRC games. Can’t wait to see it played!

I’m glad the VEX GDC is paying homage to FIRST FRENZY: Raising the Bar on its 10 year anniversary. It looks like a lot of fun with some really interesting tradeoffs.

(FRC GDC take note… 2004 was awesome)

Quoted For Truth

Speaking as someone who was 6 in 2004, I want another game like 2004.

The whole “push scoring object into a zone and potentially put it on top of something for more points” reminds me of Stack Attack. That being said, pay special attention to the pushing power of your drive train. The game can be effectively played with nothing more than a bulldozer that can go over the bump, under the bars and has a hanging device that can also knock balls off of high places.

I"m wondering if the points will get adjusted to give a larger incentive to hang, the points right now do offer some interesting trade offs.

I think the 2013 frc game is similar to 2004 with so many different things to do. Perhaps it is a sign that future games will continue to carry 2004’s aspect of balancing different design/strategic tradeoffs.

2004 was a rough year for my old team. I don’t have many fond memories of then. I always wanted another chance with a game similar. I am really do like “vex toss up” I am going to have to bug my team about adding a VEX program.