New Half Pipe Hustle Fields

I’m looking at the Innovation FIRST version of the VEX field posted here and I can’t believe my eyes. The BOM states all materials will cost approximately $1300, not including balls. But this does give you a complete field setup for both the regular or autonomous versions of the game.

The original version of the field, found at does include the balls (do you get all 100?), but costs nearly $5500!! It seems to me that 100 racquet balls should cost no more than $150, so where did the extra $4000 come from?? It certainly isn’t the colored tiles and some paint…

How did IFI pull this off??


Good catch Kevin,

I spoke to Innovation First just prior to the new documents release. A big part of the delay was a MAJOR cost reduction effort … and I would say it was very successful! Thanks TONS to those who pulled this off (you know who you are …).

Great work here by IFI/Vexlabs for sure. With the cost reduction this will be a major boost for FVC teams who are buying components to practice with AND for those running FVC events. What could have been a $16,000 expense for an event is now under $5K.