New Hampshire results?

I checked the BAE page but there weren’t any 2009 results from Sunday’s state tournament. Is there a page out there with the results yet?

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Trying to Help

The Inventioneers from Londonderry won again, have a patent pending and have been invited to MIT to conduct a pilot study of their SMARTwheel there.

Congratulations to the Inventioneers!

I love the Inventioneers! Their “Dont DUIT” (Driving Under the Influence of Texting) campaign and SMARTwheel idea is a plausable solution to a problem we all know is out there and claiming lives. Another example how FIRST not only helps the students within grow, but can ultimately lead to new discoveries, concepts, and inventions that can help [protect] the lives of others.

A well deserved win!

As for the original question…
I would think that they will be posted here soon: