New happenings at competition this year

For those of you that have competed already, what have you noticed that was new to you? For example, I’ve heard that there’s been a large focus on carts this year, stuff like that.

Just looking at what we’ll be seeing this year.

Carts weren’t too popular this year, I’m not sure if i saw 11’s awesome diamond plate cart at all.

Safety this year is bigger than ever before, the new system with Safety Credits and Star of the Day, safety seems to be one big mini-competition.

I don’t know if it was the Cue-ers or the competition, but they don’t go crazy about getting everyone Cued up for a match, as long as there is a human from your team in line your probably good.

But safety was the big change I saw, other than that it was like every other regional, Organized Chaos.

Yeah, I definately agree with Conor…I saw a much bigger emphasis on Safety this year, at the NJ regional at least.