New High Score--132

HOT, Frog Force and Beach Bots just pulled a 132 on Newton. High Score!!!

And they just pulled a 111. Watch out on Einstein!

All time high score this year and Championship Event Winners.

Way to go HOT, Frog Force and Beach Bots.

:slight_smile: Hey, my team participated in our divisions highest scoring match :slight_smile:

I was doing RTS (real time scoring) and I knew right when i saw the end of the match that we might have a new high score…Congrats 330, 67, and 503 I picked you guys to go all the way and I was right.

so the top 3 scores are 123, 128, and 132 right???

I think they still are:

132 - From the Championship
128 - Canada
121 - Chesapeake

I may be wrong though

You’re right, but there was also a 121 at Detriot. Scored by 245, 217, and 301

The first match in galileo on friday was a 123. 121, 447, and 1596 were on the alliance. What a nice way to start qualifying!


Woot Woot, this is the arm operator from team 503. Freakin amazing. After our preformance there and the 111 later I knew that our alliance was a power house. In the last match at einstein, our alliance was scoring i think minimal of 21 tetras. We were running out on the auto loader side. I still can’t beleive all those teams passed us up. It was unbeleivable, yet was thankful. I was on the practice field jumping for joy as each team didn’t pick us in the first round. Everyone was looking at me strangely. Then there was 910s 2nd pick. Our picker heard the word five and started freaking out, then heard 35. Then he turned to the HOT teams stands and there was a huge white board with 503 on it. At that moment in time is when we knew we would win nationals. That was a power house alliance, it was all because we lost a couple of matchs too. It worked out in the end, what a sweet season. Congrats to everyone who participated this year.


You want to talk about fortunate alliance selections? We picked 217 first in Detriot, and we won. We picked 766 first in Sacremento, and we won. We were planning our alliance from the second we stepped foot in Atlanta, we just couldn’t believe it worked out.

well thats not entirely right at the ucf regional pink,swamp,and bionic tigers scored a 138 but we had a 30 piont penalty so unpentalized that would have beat it

I saw both the 132 in newton and the 138 at UCF, Swamp was capping like a maniac that match

The 128 we helped to score at a regional was the highest until the 132 at Nationals.

I was amazed at the quality of stacking at Nationals and the well-played “zone” that each of the six robots was working in without too much defensive bashing and goal-tending. Truly professional and amazing…and that strategy worked! Congrats to all the teams and double to those that made it to Einstien finals.

Does anyone have video of the finals and wards ceremonies? You can private message or e-mail

yea! congrats you guys it was an amazing match to watch! … still was boggled at the number of tetras on the feild… so many times i thought that the whole stack was going to fall over… and when one tetra fell they kinda ‘slinky’ effect and all fell :D… it is really cool :d

but i was kinda disapointed because i thougt our team would at least be able to take away the championship highest score (for lack of any awards and not getting picked)… but you guys took it nicely :smiley:

our match was :
1596,447,121 against 203, 811, 334
the score was 123 : 7 :ahh:

the highest canadian match with 1305 and 1114 at toronto was amazing ! … 128:0 ! it was awsome to watch! :eek:

That would’ve been a hard score to beat… but, final score is after penalties :stuck_out_tongue: