New high score in San Antonio--sort off - double engage in auto?


It might say double engage in auto, but if you ignore it and calculate the score without it, you still get to 180, so yes I think it is the new high score but we might want to wait for a video to confirm.


Yeah, I was actually there when it happened. So, in the playoffs, 3 teams broke the world record twice. The first time they broke it was in Round 1 - Game 1, when teams 2687, 8573, and 2468 scored 180 points, which was more than the old record of 178 points. Then, later on, in Round 4 - Match 11, those same teams scored 191 points, which was even better!

It was amazing! I couldn’t believe that the same teams broke the world record twice in one event.


The second match was 181 without penalty points, but still a record. The record with penalties is 313 points: 2023 Insights - The Blue Alliance

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