New Idea for FF

I’ve thought of a new idea to be tried this year where if an FF event fills up, a waiting list is started so that if a person fails to show up for drafting, their spot will be filled with the first name on the list and if they or another person fails to show then it goes to the next name and so on…

This rule should/would not be abused where if a person showed up 15-20mins late they would lose their spot, but i mean it more for people who fail to show up for a couple of hours or if we start drafting REALLY early, days.

I’de like to hear what others think of this idea cause I’m thinking of trying it out for the FF BAE as a trail run of it.

No. You sign up, you play. If you don’t get in, start another league for the particular event you want to compete in. It gets a bit annoying when people don’t draft, it brings about the question why are they playing? But they sign up, they play. Period.

Plus, people have other stuff to do. I’ve forgotten drafts before, when I didn’t have a list, and I might have gotten 1 bad team, I still got to pick the other 2.