New Improved Wooden Field Building Plans, including perimeter plans

To help our team build wooden game elements each year, I designed a spreadsheet to plan and organize the building.

It tallies up parts needed, prepares an ordering list for supplies, and also has detailed plans for building a modular field perimeter that articulates with FIRST-standard field parts.

I typically modify the FIRST-supplied plans to make them more robust, match the game specs more closely, and be more practical to build. I write detailed drawings and instructions so that parent volunteers can build the pieces.

I posted a version of this last year. I’ve made a lot of changes since then, which (I think) make it more user-friendly.

The version I posted today includes plans for the field perimeter, as well as a wheelchair ramp, carts to store the field perimeter pieces and a shipping crate. I included my plans for the 2019 game pieces, but will - of course - replace those with the 2020 game pieces after kickoff.

I also included editable WORD versions of handouts I use to train parent volunteers to help with the filed building.

I’m going to try to complete the spreadsheet / supplies ordering aspects of the 2020 field pieces by the end of kickoff weekend, and try to get detailed plans and instructions up by the following weekend.

The spreadsheet is located on GitHub:

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