New info on 2016 Game

First makes a game that requires robots to pick up pool noodles to represent “litter”. But litter is very rarely in the shape of pool noodles.

So why pool noodles?

Well, say some pool company sponsors First. This company needs some way to optimize the cleaning of pool noodles from its pools. Therefore, it asks First to make pool noodles as a game element in 2015. But now, First has a pool company sponsoring it. What’s in pools I ask? Water. Water is in pools.

TL;DR Water game 2016 confirmed.

-P.N. Larry

very nice making that connection.

You just confirmed something.

Half-Life 3 confirmed!

Edit: But seriously, everyone knows that the 2016 game will be a water game.

Water game 2016 confirmed.

That only took about 7 hours.

Hmmm, I would like to see how that would work. Would teams have water proof cameras used to drive the robot? Would the objection be to get as many pool noodles in a set time?

Instead of a drive base, we get a boat hull, and instead of wheels, we get props.

Frank will pull the bumpers out of the recycle bin in 2016 to be repurposed as floatation devices.

We could also get paddles like on a steam boat or propellers for air for an air boat
but an air-boat would be hard to control

2017 game details when?

We all know next year will be a Space Game… ::rtm::

Lunacy 2.0.

Wait a second! Look at it! "Change is Coming.
If you rearrange the letters, remove a few, add a few more and stick the square root of 4,064,256 on the end you get:
“Water Game Confirmed 2016!”

I would really prefer to see a flying game (drones) before FIRST attempted to do a water based one. I also think that a flying game is more likely, as they are in the news right now due to their popularity and use by Domino’s and Amazon. Matter of fact, I figure that it will be a game within the decade.

Hmm… well a game with drones seems interesting enough, but how would they be contained on the playing field, rather than flying off into the crowd? I personally believe that a water game would be more likely.

…Of course, this is taking into consideration the possibility of a game involving boats/hovercrafts over a very shallow body of water ::safety::

Water game > drone game and that’s coming from someone who has built his own drone.

You can’t forget that in the KOP vex included a sticker sheet… one of them said #watergame2016

Water Game 2016- confirmed by vex:ahh:

That would probably end up like when Top Gear tried to build amphibious cars…

The 2016 game will be synchronized dancing robots:

A future water version, synchronized swimming robots, is anticipated shortly therafter.

Yet to be determined is whether there will be a 3 judge panel, similar to Dancing With the Stars, or an 11 judge panel, similar to Olympic scoring.

Martian Madness.

“To simulate controlling a robot on Mars, communications between the driver’s station and the robot will be delayed by 3 to 22 minutes, as determined by the FMS randomly before each individual match…”

and the new game for 2016…Space Jam