New iPods out

What do you think? iPhone price dropped $200 to $399. If you were to get any of the iPods or iPhone, what would you get?


I was hoping the Shuffle was going to get a 2G brother. My father has a Shuffle, (which was primarily used for the sound system in our Mountain Dewbot, since the Shuffles are like indestructible) and that 1G fills up fast.

With the price drop, the 8G iPhone is actually beginning to look really attractive when compared to other smart phones. Before, it was cool and all if you calculated out the total costs over like two years, but now it’s like more or less in the middle of the pack when it comes to smart phone pricing.

I would buy an iPod touch if it was 30G.

i love the colors of the new nano. its also really cool that the classic, nano, and shuffles will all be in stores “by this weekend”

the ipod lineup completely was re-arranged to a price-level system rather than a “what ipod are you?” system.

the one that wants to spend under 100 on a ipod would get a shuffle.

one that doesn’t want to spend more than 200 on an ipod would get a nano (and would be satisfied with its video capabilities and games {many complained that it didn’t have video or games}).

those who want a lot of space but don’t want to pay 300 bucks for a touch screen and less space would get the ipod classic

and the ones that want a touch screen and wifi and are not too concerned with space limitations get the ipod touch.

as an apple user, the ipod nano seems to be the ugliest ipod yet. Though apple got their christmas, valentines day, and saint patricks day colors ready for the holiday season. (some will complain that there is no “minorah engraving” option).

I like the features of the iPhone, but I hate ATT. I would go for the iPodtouch anytime because it gives me all of the features of the iPhone, only I won’t have to mess with ATT and I could use my own service provider.

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new Ipods out-

does this mean they are going to take all the old ones away…

I really want the new iPod Touch I also like that the iPhones have gotten cheaper maybe by the time it is time for me to renew my contract they will be affordable :-P.

Does anyone else not like the new shape of the iPod nano? It doesn’t seem to be that small anymore.

I agree. The nano just looks really, really weird now. However, there really isn’t much difference in the size; the new nano is just more of a square than before, which could be a problem for those who liked the fact that the old one could fit in some pretty small pockets.

Size of the new iPod nano-5.665 in^2 (2.75 x 2.06)
Size of the old iPod nano-5.6 in^2 (3.5 x 1.6)

Both the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod nanos have the same thickness.

The new iPod nano is available in both 4GB and 8GB, as opposed to the old one being offered in only 2GB and 4GB (the 8GB was only available in black and eventually red as part of (PRODUCT) RED), though.

How much does it cost for the Ipod touch to access internet? Do you have to contract with ATT or something or is it completely WiFi? What are the “Fees” associated with the Touch? After that, I may consider getting it [once my current one breaks], so that looking up match scores and data is MUCH easier in Atlanta! :smiley:

Please note that the iPod touch is not a phone and therefore, you don’t need to have ATT, Verizon, etc. to use it. You just buy the product. Essentially, it’s an alternative to the iPhone for people who don’t like ATT/are comfortable with their current provider/don’t like the large price tag involved with the iPhone (the 8GB iPod touch is $100 less than the iPhone, which is 8GB, and the 16GB iPod touch costs the same as the iPhone)/simply don’t want new phone.

As far as I can tell, there are no fees associated with the iPod touch. Obviously, if you buy songs from the iTunes store, you will have to pay for those as you would if you bought them from your computer. I’d assume that, as long as the WiFi is free, you can use it. If the WiFi isn’t free (like, say you were at Barnes & Noble, where they charge you for internet), you’d probably have to pay for it as if you were sitting there on your laptop.

Today was a huge disappointment for me. I was reading along with Gizmodo’s live coverage of the press event. I was looking to get a new iPod since my music collection has outgrown my 40gb. As soon as I saw that there was an iPod Touch, I was out the door heading off to the Apple store. (They wouldn’t give me any info over the phone) I didn’t know the price, or the capacities. I would get that information and make a decision when I got there. Since the normal iPods increased capacity and got smaller, I figured there would be at least a 40gb touch iPod.
After a stop at another electronics store for unrelated things, I got to the apple store. They weren’t selling anything new, which was kind of suspicious. I checked back on Gizmodo (on an iPhone) to see what had been announced. I was incredibly disappointed that there wasn’t a larger touch iPod.
I can’t justify buying a 16gb touch for $400, that’s a crazy price. I also can’t justify a new iPod that doesn’t add much functionality over the one I have. I’m holding out for the 80gb touch iPod.

Yes and no. When Apple flips the switch on a product from one generation to another, the old generation is generally made unavailable with very few exceptions. (The one I recall was that Apple continued to sell the PowerPC-based iBook through education channels after the Intel-based MacBook came out.)

However, Apple’s web site does offer refurbished models, which generally range from the current generation to the one directly before. (And they do it cheap, too.) That section is usually in the bottom-right corner of the main store page.

Personally, if my iPod were to die today (knock on wood), I’d be looking at the iPod Touch, size depending on how much I could swing at the time. It fits my needs quite nicely; I find myself showing off photos and videos at times, and I often find myself lugging the MacBook around just to surf the web. If I can just pull out the iPod Touch and use Safari there instead, that’s a load off my back (literally). Now to hope that USC’s network can tolerate them.

I was gonna buy my girlfriend a pink nano for our 6 month, now they have stupid beige web 2.0esque colors.

I mean I could buy one on like eBay, but then I can’t get the engraving. Anybody know if Apple will do it after you buy it?

I know there are store all over that do engraving. There’s a store in my mall that I had something engraved in…

Wifi, but still less space than the Nomad. Lame.

Still more space than my mini. I’m probably going to be all over this like white on rice. Looks like a lot of fun, and I don’t really have much music, but my mini is full as of last week. And it looks like crap. I think it’s time to update.

The question, of course, then becomes “How much space do I actually need on this thing?”

I’ve got a 30GB 5G iPod, and it still (barely) holds my entire music collection, plus photos and videos. However, any particular scrutiny of what I actually listen to would yield that I generally find myself listening to maybe three or four albums over the course of a week. Perhaps a little more if I’m roadtripping, perhaps a little less if I’m perpetually in front of my MacBook (which generally means I’m not using my iPod). I was looking at an 8GB nano before, particularly for the battery life and lack of hard drive (the latter of which did in my much-loved 20GB 4G); I imagine I can most definitely survive on sixteen gigs (which, mind you, is a little more than half of my music, photos, and movies; I bet I can pare it down a bit more if I wanted to).

Throw in YouTube videos and Safari, and I’m there with [strike]bells[/strike] white earbuds on.